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Raccoon Removal Dallas

Raccoon Removal from Attic Houston

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raccoons in chimney

When most clients call us about hearing raccoons in their home it has been about a week, in this time whatever raccoon you are dealing with has set up shop. They have their living space set up, it is different from their eating area and that is different from their bathroom area. If you are dealing with a pregnant mother she will have also set up an area for birthing her pups which will as you guessed it, that will even be in a different space. A raccoon living in your home for even a short period of time can create quite a mess.

Where do you start?

The best place to start in handling a raccoon removal Dallas situation is to call Masters Services (972) 877-4650 for help in getting the right solution for your home. We have been in business for 17 years now, we started as a chimney company and quickly saw the need in our clients for animal and wildlife removal services. We then got trained in all sorts of animal and wildlife relocation including raccoons, squirrels, birds, rats, bats and so on. Through this training and 17 years of experience there is no wildlife nuisance situation that we can’t help you with.


When we have a technician come out to your home and do a full home evaluation, this is to locate how the animals are getting into your home, what needs to be repaired so they can not get back into your home, verifying what type of animal we are dealing with and what the best method for trapping and relocation will be for that animal as well as what is needed as far as clean up and sanitizing once the animals are relocated. From this we will be able to determine what the estimate will be for your raccoon removal Dallas situation. As every wildlife situation is different there is no way for us to give you an estimate without seeing your home.

What are the trapping methods?

In the case of raccoons in your home there are a few different methods for removal, one is on the spot live “coon catcher” removal, this in normally used in the case of a sick or injured raccoon. This the the typical pole catcher that you would think of when you imagine animal control workers catching a dog in an alley. This enables us to move the raccoon to a better area and not have to wait until it is able to get into a trap.

Raccoon Removal from Attic Houston

Another trapping method is the use of a live “have a heart” type trap. This is where we place food or bait into the back of the trap and the raccoon will enter and trip the trap while it is going in to get food. It is then is in the cage until we come and release it into a wildlife area that is safe for the animal.

Another method for removal that we commonly use during mating season is the use of eviction fluid, this is put onto an object like a tennis ball that is then thrown into hard to reach areas where the animals may be. The eviction fluid is made up of male raccoon urine and other predator urine, this mix scares the mother or pregnant raccoon and will in most cases will get the mother to move her young on her own to another location.

There is no need to use poison.

We have never used poisons in handling wildlife removal, there is no need to do so and quite frankly they can lead to even bigger problems. First and foremost is the unintended recipient, dogs, cats and even children can come in contact with poison that is intended for an animal that is living in your home. This is a serious situation when that occurs and should be addressed with medical attention immediately. The other problem with poisons is that fact that they are designed to dehydrate the animals that eat them. This leads the animal to searching for water, which normally ends up being found at the back of your air conditioning unit, in plumbing pipes and other places in your home. The animals then expire in these areas and when this happens are often more work to get the dead animal removed from your home.

Getting things back to normal in your home:

When the animals are out of your home you can still have trouble if the holes that the animal has been using to get into the house through have not been sealed, this is an open invitation to any other animals in the area to move in and take up their homes in the space that the raccoon just left. The other trouble that clients complain of is the lingering smell once the animals are gone, this is due to the nesting materials left behind, urine, feces and any food they have brought into the space. This can be handled with the sanitizing and deodorizing services that we offer. Getting this clean up done also eliminates the pheromones and any illness or disease that the animals may have been carrying.

Raccoon poop is toxic!

As funny as this statement sounds, it is true, raccoon feces is toxic and you should not come into contact or even into the air space with it. This is due to the fact that there are ring worms in raccoon feces, the eggs from these worms are airborne and can cause major damage to the human brain and nervous system. This is another very important reason that we will always suggest that you get professional help in getting raccoon removal Dallas completed.

We are trained and experienced!

Call Masters Services (972) 877-4650 for help with all of your raccoon removal Dallas needs, we are trained, experienced and EFFECTIVE in getting animals relocated from you home!

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