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Plano Wildlife Removal

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For help with your Plano wildlife removal needs call Master Services (972) 877-4650.

We had a customer call in for Plano wildlife removal. They had tried to handle the squirrel in their attic themselves and needed a bit of professional help as their house was now smelling like something had died. We did a full inspection and found that there was a dead squirrel and signs of rats. As part of the Plano wildlife removal handling we removed the dead animal, sealed up all holes large enough for rats to get into and set traps for the rats. We came back over the next week and removed full traps and reset them until there were no more signs of rats. We then cleaned up the feces and urine and sanitized the attic areas. This helps to eliminate the spread of disease from the rats. Since that time there have been no other reports of unwanted entry from nuisance animals into their home.

This is a standard Plano wildlife removal and proofing done correctly. Often we have found in going to a home that has been animal proofed by someone else previously and is still having issues with animals entering the home it is because one or more steps were missed on the Plano wildlife removal and proofing.

When steps are missed or not done properly it opens the home up to more damage and annoyance from the animals that can still get it. Squirrels for one always have to chew on things to keep their teeth filed down as they never stop growing, if you do not completely seal the home and trap for them properly they will continue to chew unchecked until something is done to properly handle the Plano wildlife removal.

If you are noticing anything odd with your home, vent covers pulled loose, holes in the soffits, smells from the attic or noises in your walls, call for Plano wildlife removal right away. Getting any problems addressed and handled rapidly will decrease your chances of large amounts of damage and any spread of illness.

Master Services (972) 877-4650 has been a leader in Plano wildlife removal for over 16 years. We are a local family owned and run business. All of our technicians are trained and experienced in the proofing against and removal of nuisance wildlife animals from homes. We use humane and effective methods to remove and relocate the animals away from your home to prevent them from returning to your home and to promote their survival. We do not use poisons to handle any Plano wildlife removal needs. Most poisons are made to dehydrate the animal and along with driving them to find water in places like the back of your A/C or pipes that have condensation, this is a brutal method for addressing the problem.

If you need help with Plano wildlife removal call us today to set up your home evaluation.

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