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Plano Chimney Sweep Tips

Before and After Chimney Cap Installation on red brick

Whether you use your chimney on a regular basis or you use it on occasion, at some point in time, you will need a professional Plano chimney sweep. Keeping your chimney clean is a very important part of good housekeeping. Getting your chimney cleaned by a professional Plano chimney sweep company will not only keep your home looking immaculate, it can also help prevent fire hazards.

Should you clean your own chimney?

When it comes to chimney cleaning, you have one of two choices. You can either clean your chimney on your own or you can hire a professional chimney cleaner to do it for you.  Hiring a professional can save you a considerable amount of time. Plus, they will get the job done right.

How often should you clean your chimney?

If you use your fireplace on a regular basis (during the winter months), you should consider getting your chimney cleaned every year. When you hire a professional Plano chimney sweep, they will come out to your home and see if it needs to be repaired or just regular cleaning.

What kind of cleaning equipment is used for cleaning a chimney?

For regular cleaning, you will need to use a broom, protective tarps, a vacuum and chimney brushes. If you have excessive buildup within your chimney, additional cleaning equipment will be needed.

How long will it take to clean my own chimney?

If you’re planning on cleaning a chimney on your own, be prepared to take a few hours for the initial cleaning. Although you can save money by cleaning your own chimney, it can be a very arduous job. However, when you hire a professional chimney cleaning service, it will take them a lot less time to clean your chimney. It’s well worth the investment, especially if you value your time.

There are a couple of good reasons why you should avoid trying to clean your own chimney. For one, it can be quite a challenge trying to keep your home clean while cleaning out your chimney. You will have to lay out enough tarps to protect your room from the soot and stains it can cause.

Plano Chimney Sweep Tips:

Before using your fireplace, make sure you vacuum or sweep up all debris and residue. Make sure you check the dirt and residue that’s hidden behind the smoke shelf area.

Purchase a wire bristle chimney cleaning brush to clean hard to reach areas. Make sure you clean your brush after using it again.

Plano Chimney Sweep

Do you need help getting your chimney swept? Contact Masters Services Certified Chimney Professionals today.  We provide a variety of services ranging from wildlife removal services to chimney repairs. We also specialize in other chimney services, such as: Chimney dampers, chimney rebuilds, chimney waterproofing and much more.

Wildlife in Your Chimney

Sometimes wild animals can get in to your house through your Chimney. If this happens you will need to get a Certified Plano Wildlife Removal Company to come out and handle the nuance. We will save you the hassle of looking all over the internet for a trusted wildlife removal specialist.

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