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When in Need of Armadillo Removal Call Masters Services

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Armadillo Removal

When it comes to armadillo removal you’ll need to have a professional service working with you. These are one of the hardest pests to get rid of and the only way to really effectively perform an armadillo removal is through traps. These animals are experts at digging and if you have a nice garden or lawn it can get heavily damaged and totally ruined by these burrowing animals.

An armadillo is an armored mammal that can be found in the southern part of the United States. The armor on the animal covers most of its body, which makes them especially difficult to trap. They love to dig holes almost anywhere and if you have found that one has burrowed its way underneath your concrete porch it’s not unusual. In some cases this burrowing can lead to foundation cracking underneath the concrete, which can be serious. This is why it is so important to call in a company for armadillo removal as soon as you suspect something is awry.

If you happen upon a hole in your yard that has a lot of dirt surrounding it that has obviously been thrown out by some sort of animal you should suspect an armadillo first. The hole will be quite large since these animals have large claws and very strong feet. You need to contact an armadillo removal service like Masters Services as soon as possible.

It doesn’t take long for damage to take place

One day you can be working in the garden and then wake up the next morning to find out that your flower garden is in ruins. An armadillo can dig at an extremely fast speed and wreak havoc in your lawn or garden overnight. They are a nocturnal animal and prefer to do their excavating by night and sleep during the day in their burrows.

Your options for armadillo removal

There is only one effective solution for an armadillo problem and that is to trap it and relocate it to another location. There is a problem with trying to perform the armadillo removal process on your own, however, and that is why you need to call in a professional service. Armadillos feed on food in the ground and won’t go to any bait that has been set up in a trap. The trick to armadillo removal is to put enough traps out in strategic locations in order to catch them.

While all wildlife is never predictable, we have many years behind our armadillo removal services and have an excellent success record. At Masters Services we will do everything possible to make sure that the armadillos that are invading your property are caught and relocated to a new spot where they will be safe back in nature and can make a new home without disturbing a homeowner’s property.

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Armadillo removal needs to be done professionally and quickly to prevent any major damage from occurring to your lawn, garden and building structure. If you suspect that an armadillo has been visiting your property at night you’ll want to get it handled fast and efficiently using professional armadillo removal services.

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