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How Houston Wildlife Removal Experts Can Remove Animals from Your Home

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If a homeowner hears strange noises inside a home’s walls, it is likely an animal nesting with young while looking for food. Occasionally, the tapping or fluttering noises may stop when the bird, mammal or reptile leaves. Many individuals will notice the noises at night when a home is normally quiet. Nocturnal animals will walk around at night instead of the daytime. Contacting a professional Houston wildlife removal company is the best way to get birds, rodents and snakes out of a building quickly. A homeowner attempting to capture invading animals risks bites or scratches that can cause serious medical conditions including rabies.

Avoid an Attack from an Animal

An experienced Houston wildlife removal expert understands how to capture a variety of animal species safely. An animal’s nesting area will have contamination from filthy body waste that carries parasitical worms that enter a human’s skin upon contact. When several animals are located in an enclosed space, there is often a foul odor from urine or musk. These offensive odors can cause respiratory distress when an individual is not wearing a protective mask. Amateurs trying to capture skunks can receive eye injuries from the spray this animal emits when it feels threatened. Texas has a hot climate that can also lead to dangerous reptiles including snakes, armadillos or lizards hiding inside a home or outbuilding.

Experts Understand Animal Control Regulations

There are animal protection regulations concerning the capture of many endangered species. The Houston wildlife removal technician understands the local laws pertaining to humane capture of birds, mammals and reptiles. They use specialized traps that will not harm animals during the trapping process. An expert will know where to place traps near exit and entrance locations to trap an animal as quickly as possible. Houston wildlife removal often requires several trips to a home to determine the type of animal hiding in a building and its living location. If there are multiple animals, then the control process will take longer to complete.

Humane Capturing and Relocation

The Houston wildlife removal team may need to delay capturing birds, mammals or reptiles that are caring for young. A homeowner can receive a financial fine from law officials for harming an endangered species such as bats that nest in a building’s attic. To follow local regulations, the animal control team can apply for a permit to humanely capture and remove animals. In addition, there are regulations concerning where the experts can relocate animals. The animal may require an examination by a veterinarian to determine its health to avoid spreading contagious illnesses to new populations. Animal control officers can tag the captured animal to keep track of its movements in a new wilderness location.

Removing Animal Carcasses from a Home

A Houston wildlife removal company can provide additional services for homeowners including removing animal carcasses from attics, basements and walls. Many animal species may live in outdoor areas near a home creating a nuisance such as destroying gardens or crops. An animal control expert can capture and remove raccoons, skunks and rodents that live outside in holes dug in the ground or trees. Individuals experiencing an invasion of animals outside should avoid using dangerous poisons to get rid of pests in populated areas. Poisonous traps are frequently dangerous for family pets and children in the neighborhood.

We Provide Additional Services

The employees of Masters Services have extensive experience in humanely capturing mammals, birds and reptiles living inside homes or businesses. We have over 15 years of knowledge in removing nuisance animals from buildings in our geographic region. Our Houston wildlife removal company’s goal is to relocate animals to a safe location. At the same time, our experts can repair holes near attics, eaves and chimneys to prevent additional animal infestations. We also clean the messes left behind by animals including waste and nesting material.

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