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Houston Wildlife Removal

Masters Services 713-723-4854 is available right now to handle your Houston wildlife removal. Raccoon in your chimney? Squirrels everywhere? Rat dropping on the floor? Birds nesting in the hanging plants? Skunk living under the A/C unit? Snake in your pool? Bats in the attic? Opossum behind the trash can? Armadillo trashing your yard?

These all are problems we solved yesterday. We have the staff to handle most wildlife calls with in 24 hours. The office is ready for your call, yes, you will speak to a person. If we are on the line we have a que for you to go into hold and when we are off the line it will ring to the first available. Providing a Houston wildlife removal service is very important to us, we wnat to if possible save the animal and release it to a proper rural location.

Once any Houston wildlife removal has been performed the clean up and repairs must be completed. The clients that do not continue with the process always get future nuisance animals in the exact same situation. Animals follow phermones to mate. If a raccoon has been in the attic and the entry has not been animal proofed and sanitized, another raccoon will follow and find it is a great place to live. If this was good for another raccoon, then its good for me (the raccoon thinking). This is when people are upset and think we didn’tdo our job, when in fact they didn’t finish the Houston wildlife removal. We are hired because we know what we are doing, trust us when we say you need to repair and sanitize.

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