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Houston Squirrels in Attic

If you have Houston squirrels in attic, call for reinforcements, call Master Services (713) 723-4854.

I was looking on the internet for a good picture of the common squirrel that gets in to homes quite often this time of year. While looking through tons of photos I found one of a squirrel in full military gear, it was miniature so it fit him quite well. I chuckled and thought to myself “Well, if I opened my attic to find that guy I might just move out and give him the house.” How do you know it is time to throw in the towel on getting Houston squirrels in attic out of your home?

There are a few things that happen in a home when Houston squirrels in attic are found. One is that there is constant damage being done as squirrels have to continually chew things in order to keep their always growing front teeth in check. And for some reason the little guys really like to chew on wires which then opens your home to possible house fires and electrical shortages. I think the term “busy little beavers” should really be “busy little squirrels”, it explains quite well how there does not seem to be an end to the amount of noise and destruction the little critters can do. If you have Houston squirrels in attic, call a professional as soon as you notice things are out of normal order for your home.

Another thing to be aware of when getting Houston squirrels in attic relocated is whether or not you are dealing with a mother squirrel. If she is excluded from the house and her babies are still inside there is quite a large chance that she will make another entry hole to be able to get back to her babies. This does not mean that she will get the hint and move the babies just that she will find a way most times to get back to them. Hence it is important for your home to have a technician that is trained and experienced in wildlife removal to assist you with getting the animals relocated. This will help to prevent further reentry from the same animal.

One of the best ways to exclude Houston squirrels in attic from a home is to place a one-way-door, this lets the squirrel leave and not reenter the home. Once all of the squirrels have left the trap can be removed and the hole sealed.

If you think you may have Houston squirrels in attic call Master Services, (713) 723-4854, we have been in business for over 16 years. We offer warranties on all of our animal proofing work and will help you to get any animals that may be in your home humanly relocated.

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