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Houston Squirrel Trapping Experts

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One of the most common pests that find their way into a home will be squirrels. These critters can look cute, but, they will chews and force their way into an attic. A common way for squirrels to get inside a home is through a damaged section of roof of a roof vent. Movement heard on the roof or in the ceiling is often a sign of squirrels. Homeowners need to hire a Houston squirrel trapping service to remove the critters from the home.

Squirrel Problems? No Poblem

Female squirrels will typically chew through compromised areas of a roof to gain entry into the attic. A female squirrel will use the attic space as a safe place to have babies. Another reason squirrels will chew into an attic is to find a place to use for shelter. A female squirrel typically has two litters of babies per year. Homeowners may not notice one squirrel, but two or more will definitely make some noise. Local Houston squirrel trapping companies will use a variety of methods to remove squirrels.

We Don’t Use Lethal Traps

A few Houston squirrel trapping companies may use lethal traps to remove problem squirrels. Many of these traps are similar to a large rat trap. They are spring loaded and clamp down on the squirrel. These are not typically not use anymore at non-lethal traps are now used to safely remove a squirrel.

Live Cage Traps are Humane

A live cage trap is the most common method used by Houston squirrel trapping companies. This is a metal cage cage with a door that closes when the squirrel enters the trap. They are coaxed into the trap by food. The trap may also is placed over and place of entry or exit on the roof. A trip pan in the trap is the mechanism that closes the trap and prevents the squirrel from escaping.

Repeating Live Cage Trap

Many Houston squirrel trapping professionals use this type of trap to catch squirrels. This trap needs to be mounted over the entry or exit hole of the house. The squirrel will enter the trap when it needs to go out for food. All alternate exit routes will need to be sealed for the trap to work correctly. Squirrels will be trapped as this trap uses a one-way door.

One-Way Exclusion Door

This type of trap is the best method used by Houston squirrel trapping companies. A squirrel can leave the attic or other area of the house, but are not able to get back inside. The door on the trap closes when the squirrel has made its way outside. A squirrel is not actually trapped as the other end is open to allow the squirrel to go some place else.

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