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Houston Animal Removal

Master Services (713) 723-4854 has just been awarded as the best in Houston animal removal for 2013 by HomeAdvisor (formerly Service Magic).

During the year there are different seasons that bring different animals in closer than they would have come in the past, this is due in part to the animals being more active during these seasons as well as the fact that as our cities expand the animals are getting less and less space away from human contact and are adapting themselves to be able to survive among us. This then makes most situations that need Houston animal removal a situation of convenience for the animals themselves, they have found food or shelter at an easy access and have decided to take advantage of the situation. Ensuring that your home is sealed and proofed against unwanted animal entry is one of the best deterrents to wildlife getting in and creating trouble.

Sometimes one of the situations that we find with Houston animal removal is the fact that the homeowners and sometimes even their neighbors are doing things that unknown to them actually attract animals to their homes. Some of the best tips that can be put into use around your home to prevent the need for Houston animal removal are to one, keep your trash cans tightly closed and if possible in a closed area like your garage or a container, doing this will prevent animals like raccoons and opossums from getting into your trash and using it as a place to find food. Another key thing to do is to ensure that no one in feeding these animals, this normally happens in the event that you have pets that are fed outdoors or even next to an open pet door. Raccoons, opossums and even skunks can smell this from quite a distance and invite themselves over for food, this can then become a feeding habit for the animal where they might even start looking for closer shelter which in most cases becomes your home. In Houston animal removal, getting these habits changed can do miracle work on how many unwanted wildlife animals you have in and around your home.

Another key part of Houston animal removal is to inspect your home and ensure there are no entry points that an animal could use to gain access to your home. This would include things like loose siding, uncovered weep holes, vent covers that are not secure and so on. If you find any of these things we suggest getting a wildlife specialist out to your home before any repairs are done to ensure there are no animals in your home already that need to be evicted prior to repairing these areas.

If you are experiencing trouble with nuisance wildlife animals the best people to call for Houston animal removal are the specialists at Master Services (713) 723-4854.

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