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Hire Animal Control Houston Technicians to Get Rid of Invasive Mammals and Birds

Trap Wildlife Raccoon

As temperatures drop in the winter, a homeowner needs an animal control Houston expert to capture and remove the vermin from their home. Because there is a loss of natural habit in Texas, several types of animals have adapted to live, nest and find food inside a home. A primary location where animals can invade easily is through a rooftop’s chimney.

A chimney on a home’s roof offers a large opening where mammals, birds or insects can enter. After entering the chimney’s opening, animals will find small crevices or holes to live inside wall spaces or attics. Within a few days, stinging insects such as bees or wasps will build beehives or nests that can block the smoke rising inside a chimney, leading to dangers from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Prevent Damage to a Home with Assistance from Animal Control Houston Technicians

The reptiles and mammals that are native to Texas can also invade a home’s roof through the tiny openings under loose shingles or holes around the utility lines. Animals such as bats, squirrels or rats will nest inside a home’s attic or wall spaces to breed a new generation in only a few weeks. Animal control Houston technicians can find these mammals to prevent moisture damage from urine and odors from hard waste. When the raccoons or mice that chew constantly to find nourishment or sharpen teeth remain inside a building, the animals will destroy the wooden foundation and electrical wires, leading to extensive damage that requires an expensive repair.

An Animal Control Houston Expert Understands How to Capture Vermin Humanely

Animal control Houston technicians understand the signs of particular birds or mammals in order to create an effective plan of action. In some cases, the technician needs a license to capture a rare species humanely to transfer the animal or bird to a new location. Homeowners might think that poisoning invasive vermin with bait is a good plan, but this leads to having dead carcasses inside attics and wall spaces. Not only will a decaying carcass create a horrendous odor, but also, it attracts other vermin such as insects.

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Masters Services has knowledgeable animal control Houston technicians who understand how to identify a species in order to use the correct traps to capture the vermin. In addition to having training in the local animal control Houston regulations, Masters Services specializes in chimney services such as inspection, cleaning and installation of chimney caps. For fast assistance with capturing and removing the invading reptiles, birds or mammals that are lurking inside a home, contact Masters Services at 713-723-4854.

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