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Get Help Removing that Pesky Animal in Attic

Family of raccoons in Chimney
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Why is it So Common to Have an Animal in Attic

Hearing strange noises? It is probably the sounds of a trapped animal in Chimney. Dallas is home to a wide variety of animals. Although very unfortunate for the homeowner the attic serves as a great habitat for animals. That is until their hiding place is found out and they need to be removed.

The reason why an animal might hide in the attic is because it is warm and dry. It also is a safe place from most predators and the animals can live for a while unbothered by humans. Attics are also commonly located next to areas where the animals could easily crawl out and get food from a nearby trashcan or garden. Animals can be very resourceful and nesting in an attic provides them with safety and access to food.

Different types of Animals in Attic can show up

A variety of female animals including rats, squirrels, and raccoons might make their way into the attic in order to give birth to their litter. This can actually be one of the most common reasons that animals are in the attic. The problem is that one animal is bad for the home but multiple animals can mean disaster for the quality of the attic. Bats tend to be attracted to dark places and have taken to living in an attic because of the darkness that some provide even during the day. There are several types of animals that could live in an attic that Dallas residents might find.

Our furry friends can actually wreak havoc on the attic. Scratching, chewing, and eating can be detrimental to any items stored in the attic or to the surrounding wood or carpet. That many animals using the restroom in one place can also be very bad for the space. Urine and feces can cause not only damage but make the area unsafe for humans. There are a few diseases that can be transferred to humans from animals. One of these diseases is called Leptospirosis. According to the Center of Disease Control it can be treated with an antibiotic. This factor makes it very important to contact a professional when you have an animal in attic.

Now you can probably see why it is common to find an animal in attic. Dallas based Chimney Wildlife Tech has been assisting people with the animals in their attics quickly, effectively, affordably and safely. For a wildlife removal specialist, call us today to schedule a free wildlife removal estimate

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