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Fort Worth Wildlife Removal

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Fort Worth Wildlife Removal for squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, rats, skunks, snakes, birds, opossums, and dead animal removals. Please no cat or dog calls.

Masters Services is a family founded and operated chimney sweep that does a Fort Worth wildlife removal service. Removing animals from chimneys was a everyday service Masters Services provided to Fort Worth residents. It only made since to learn how to remove animals from attics, garages, under porches, inside soft vents or spaces, yards, and trees.

Masters Services credentials include…

Over 40 perfect Google Reviews
Preferred Angies List Member
Over 450 Positive ServiceMagic Reviews
A+ BBB Member

Are you experiencing any of these problems:

Raccoon in the attic? Mother raccoon with pups in the attic?
Squirrels chewing into the attic?
Armadillo digging in the yard? Flower beds?
Rats in the attic?
Birds nesting in the chimney or eves of the house?
Opossum living under your BBQ grill?
Dead smell from the attic? Dead animal in the yard?

These are some of the most common wildlife removal situations we handle. We can resolve most Fort Worth wildlife removal problems within 48 hours. We cannot guarantee the animal will be trapped by the 48 hours but we can guarantee the animal leave before we are finished with the job. At times the wild animal does not cooperate and we have to change tactics to resolve the problem. Trap friendly raccoons need modified traps to capture and secure them. Armadillos that do not return to your yard within three weeks but then came back to the other side to dig. Large yards can be tricky. Rats keep getting into attic by chewing new holes in siding or behind the gutters where it it hard to see that it needs a repair. I can go on and on, you hire us because we train to solve all these problems quickly. Most of the time it goes as planned, but wildlife is unpredictable.

Every wildlife removal in Fort Worth is different from every other wildlife removal because every house is different, every animal is unique, and every situation can change at a moments notice.

Masters Services will always do the right thing. Hire us and we will have your Fort Worth wildlife removal problems solved asap.

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