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Fort Worth Raccoon Removal

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This is the season that raccoons are in full force looking for homes that will keep them and their babies safe over the breeding season until the babies are big enough to fend for themselves. When you have found that there is a raccoon in your attic during the next month or two the chances are that you have a mother raccoon who is either about to give birth or who just recently has given birth to her litter for the year. The pups will need her for the next few weeks until they are large enough to start moving around on their own and looking for food. If you are in need of Fort Worth raccoon removal, getting it done as soon as you notice that something is going on it your attic is the best time. This will ensure that the babies are able to be moved with the mother and not fall into the walls and create further problems.

When you are working on Fort Worth raccoon removal the best thing to do is get help from a Wildlife Specialist who has experience in the situation that you are dealing with. Our technicians have years of training and daily hands on experience in Fort Worth raccoon removal, helping to guide in being able to get the raccoons evicted from your home with the least amount of damage done.

With a mother raccoon and her babies one of the most successful raccoon removal methods is through the use of eviction fluid, this is a mix of male pheromones and predator urine. This mix of pheromones tells the mother that there is danger near and to move her babies to safety.

If you need help with Fort Worth raccoon removal don’t hesitate to call Master Services, (972) 877-4650, for the best service in town.

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