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Englewood CO Animal Removal

Wildlife Point of Entry

Englewood CO animal removal is something that is best left to trained and experienced professionals, call Master Services (303) 720-7096 for help.

We are currently right in the middle of the breeding season for many animals, and as a result, many homeowners are combating the presence of unwanted furry critters in their homes. If you are among one of these frustrated homeowners, you should not hesitate to call Masters Services right away to schedule an Englewood CO animal removal. Even though you should leave the Englewood CO animal removal up to the professionals, it’s not a bad idea to equip yourself with some knowledge and information about the problem you’re dealing with. To begin, learn about a couple of the most common critters that invade homes in Englewood.

Squirrels are among the most common animals to nest in attics. Many people actually find squirrels to be cute little furry creatures; however, they are rodents that can spread nasty diseases and cause damage to your home. Squirrels are notorious for chewing through electrical wiring, creating a serious fire hazard that should not be ignored. If you are hearing an animal rummaging about throughout the day, the likelihood that it is a squirrel is high; unlike many other critters that invade homes, squirrels are diurnal, which means they are active mostly during the day. Droppings that have the same appearance as fat grains of rice and nests fashioned out of twigs, paper, and leaves are good indicators that squirrels have invaded your home. If you think this is the case, call Masters Services right away to schedule an Englewood CO animal removal and say sayonara to the squirrels!

Coons are creatures that are likely to invade your attic as well. Raccoons are extremely intelligent and strong, and they have the ability to rip through building material and shimmy up and down walls with ease. They will often tear through shingles, walls, screens, etc. to gain access to your home. Coons are large animals and will leave large trails of debris behind them as they make their way through your home. Their droppings are large as well: about the size of that of a small cat or dog. Coons can cause quite a bit of damage during their stay at your home. If you see ripped up insulation or torn ducts in your attic, that’s a good clue that a coon is nesting there. Besides damaging your home, the presence of raccoons poses a serious health risk for you and your family. Coon droppings can harbor a tapeworm that carries an infectious disease that in rare cases can be deadly to humans. This disease is airborne, so you don’t actually have to come into physical contact with the coon or its feces to catch the disease. Upon Masters Services’ completion of the Englewood CO animal removal, we will highly recommend sanitizing and deodorizing the area where the coon was dwelling to eliminate this problem.

Do not ever try to perform an Englewood CO animal removal on your own! Wildlife is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Let the professionals handle the Englewood CO animal removal and call Masters Services (303) 720-7096 today!

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