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Denton County Raccoon Removal

For help with Denton County raccoon removal, call Master Services, (972) 877-4650.

We had a client last week call for help with Denton County raccoon removal. He had been hearing noises in his attic for about a week and finally saw a raccoon exit his attic. When she left he quickly repaired the hole preventing her from reentering. Upon coming home that night he found that there were three new holes and the noise was again coming from his attic. He then waited again for her to leave and sealed the three holes. Within about 24 hours the raccoon had torn open a metal vent cover he had in place and was back into his attic. It was then that he noticed the sound of her pups. He hadn’t realized that this was a new mother raccoon he was dealing with and needed help with Denton County raccoon removal. When our wildlife specialist arrived to his home, sure enough the mother had gone to get food for the day and the babies were right there in the eve of the attic. Our specialist threw eviction fluid and as soon as she got back the mother was seen relocating all of her little babies. The holes and vents were then sealed and the homeowner has not seen her since.

With Denton County raccoon removal, it is key to know what you are dealing with. A mother raccoon will stop at nothing to get back to her babies and ensure their safety. When she is blocked from doing so there is no predicting how much damage she will cause to get back to them. This can be quite dangerous for any other animals for example, domestic cats or dogs, as well as for humans. If you need Denton County raccoon removal, the best thing to do is to call for professional back up. Having someone who is trained and experienced in this type of situation can mean a world of difference to your home and your safety.

In Denton County raccoon removal it was recently reported that there is a large number of raccoons this season carrying the distemper virus. This can be passed to other animals through bites and scratches, this disease effects the nervous system and can cause the animal to die. One way to tell if a raccoon has distemper is that it will be wandering around during the day and not seem scared by any animals or humans that come close to it. This is not always a dead giveaway as a mother raccoon will often go out during the day to find food while her babies sleep.

If there is ever a question if you need Denton County raccoon removal, call Master Services right away for an evaluation. We have been in the removal business for over 16 years with all of our technicians being trained and experienced in the removal of raccoons and the repair of raccoon entry points.

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