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Dallas Wild Life Removal

Masters Services (972) 877-4650 is the best at Dallas Wild Life Removal.

With the weather that we have been experiencing so far this year there is no question as to why we are starting to see the need for Dallas wild life removal a bit earlier than usual. There have already been many homes so far this year that have become hosts to squirrels and raccoons in their search to find the best breeding grounds for their growing families. Unwelcome wild life is not only an annoyance but can cause damage to your home.

Most of the animals that you will encounter in your home are there because of a few reasons. Your home offers the best protection from the elements and other predators. It is a great place for them to get warm, store their food and raise their offspring. Most homes that have not had Dallas Wild Life Removal and prevention done recently are fairly easy for them to get into. In fact, a squirrel only needs an opening the size of a U.S. quarter to get into the space and start making it home.

Once the animal is in your home there is an endless amount of damage that can occur. It normally starts with your insulation and wiring being chewed on and used as a bathroom. This can easily turn into your piping from you’re A/C units and plumbing being chewed on or though. Often times, these animals that start in the attic then explore the rest of the home and are later found dead in the walls and crawl spaces. This then becomes a bigger Dallas Wild Life Removal project to get them removed then it is to get your home proofed before they enter your home.

At Masters Services we offer effective and humane solutions to your Dallas Wild Life Removal needs. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the most effective removal techniques for each type of animal that we work with. We offer free evaluations on animals in your home. These evaluations include an inspection to see how the animal is getting into and out of your home, along with identifying what type of animal you are dealing with and the best method of Dallas Wild Life Removal. All of our estimates will include a sanitizing and deodorizing service once the animals have been trapped and removed from the home.

Masters Services was founded 16 years ago by Chad and Christa Murray. We are a local, family owned and run business. Each year we handle hundreds of Dallas wild life removal situations for homeowners resulting in rave reviews. Because of our training and experience we pride ourselves in being the best Dallas wild life removal company you will find. Contact us if you are hearing noises in your home, noticing smells that don’t fade or even if you want to ensure your home is animal proof.

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