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Best Wildlife Removal Company Dallas Houston

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Home Advisor 2013 Winner
What is this award?

Master Services, (972) 877-4650 or (713) 723-4854, has just been named as the best wildlife removal company Dallas Houston!

Master Services was just awarded as “The Best of HomeAdvisor 2013 Winner”, this is an award that is given based on ratings and reviews by actual customers. It is based on three criteria, “Quality” superior work practices, “Service” commitment to providing the best assistance and “Value” fair price for quality of work performed and services provided. This is a very large accomplishment for us. Having been in the wildlife removal business for over 16 years we have constantly worked toward giving our clients the best service possible, knowing that wildlife removal can be a quite detailed process depending on what you are dealing with.

Being named as the best wildlife removal company in Dallas and Houston has renewed our goals of offering fast, effective, humane and successful nuisance wildlife removal for our customers. The initial service that we offer is a full home evaluation of your home to find any and all of the possible entry points to your home as well as to determine what type of animal you are dealing with. This will then guide us in working out a plan for your home as to what the best trapping method will be for the removal and relocation of the wildlife that you are dealing with.

When we have completed the wildlife removal not only will we help you to get any needed repairs done on your home to ensure there is no further entry from the same animal or other animals but we will also do any cleanup of feces, urine and nesting materials to remove any lingering odors that may have been left behind. Following this cleanup we also perform a sanitizing service to prevent the spread of any illness or disease that the animals in your home may have been carrying. All of the animal proofing that we offer comes with a warranty on our work to ensure that you have no unwanted wildlife in your attic or walls in the future. We are confident that this detailed service is part of what makes us the best wildlife removal company Dallas Houston.

If you are looking for the best wildlife removal company Dallas Houston, look no further! Call Master Services (972) 877-4650 or (713) 723-4854 for fast, effective and humane service.

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