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Bats in Attic Houston

Master Services (713) 723-4854, when you have bats in attic Houston they can be quite a hassle, call us for help with eviction and home proofing.

When you have found that you have bats in attic Houston the best thing to do is to seek professional eviction help. When bats have gotten into your attic there is a risk of them getting into the living areas of your home, the risk is there due to the fact that bats are carriers of rabies and can transmit the disease along with other illnesses to humans through bites and contact. If there is a bat inside of the living areas of your home this is something that needs to be addressed immediately. Normally the bat is captured and taken for testing to ensure that it is not a disease carrier.

Bats are, in fact, a great resource to have around your home as they eat near dawn and dusk and are large consumers of flying bugs like mosquitoes. Some people even build bat homes on their properties to promote their existence, yet, having bats in attic Houston is quite a different story. Most homeowners don’t notice that they have bats in their attic until the colony is a bit larger, this is commonly due to the fact that the bats leave and enter the home near dawn and dusk and are normally seen entering the attic from far above the eye line, near the top of the roof. Bats normally enter a home through an air current and can get into a home through an opening as small at a ¼ of an inch. The bats in attic Houston will often then stay as the area that they have now found is climate controlled and perfect for their needs.

Bats are a protected animal in most states and in some cases are federally protected as they are becoming endangered. Due to this there are certain times during their breeding season that the bats cannot be evicted from a building or home. When this is the case your home can still be proofed to ensure that the bats don’t enter the living areas of your home until they can be evicted from the attic fully. Once the bats are to an age that they can legally be evicted from your home we will help you to not only get them out of your home but to also proof your home against future entry as well as getting any and all of the bat guano (feces) cleaned up to prevent any lingering odors as well as the spread of any illness or disease.

For help with removal and eviction of bats in attic Houston call Master Services (713) 723-4854.

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