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Bat Control Tips

While bats might be unfairly associated with witches, Halloween and anything spooky, there’s no question that they can be a nuisance in wide variety of ways. Bats are nocturnal rodents that can live up to 30 years. Despite the popular myth, bats are not blind, but do compensate their poor eyesight with exceptional hearing. Bats thrive on a repetitive lifestyle, going out at night to feed (largely on insects, frogs and other smaller animals) and then sleeping during the day. If you need a wildlife removal expert to help with your bat removal, you’ve come to the right place.

Bat Control Problems

Bat colonies can pose multiple problems. With their regular, nocturnal habits, bats can make a lot of noise flying around, particularly dawn and dusk. Using echolocation to make their way, they emit high-pitched sounds to help with flying navigation. Bat droppings and urine are particularly toxic, both from a health perspective (feces can lead to particularly toxic respiratory problems) and to property (accumulations can corrode wood and metal and lead to structural damage. Finally, bats can spread a host of diseases, from fungal infection to rabies. Although rabies from bat bites is not particularly common, compared to, say rabies bites from raccoons, bats have been identified as carriers for almost 40 viruses.

Bat Control and Prevention

Because it is extremely difficult to actually trap and remove bats, prevention is key. Bats like dark, quiet and undisturbed spaces. It’s important to restrict any access or hole in the building that might provide entry to them—and bats can squeeze through extremely small holes and even live in walls.  In some cases a professional bat control company is the best bet for bat prevention.

Bat Removal

Free Bat Removal Estimates…Appointments Available Today.

While it’s not impossible to remove one or two stray bats from your attic, it’s quite a different task to attempt to remove an entire colony. Because of their flying ability and nocturnal habits, bats can make homes in the most unlikely and remote of areas. Bat droppings, known as guano, pose numerous health hazards and must be cleaned up carefully.

Most professionals promise bat “exclusion”—encouraging the bats to fly out of the area and then making it too difficult for them to fly back in. Bat exclusions are best performed at night where the population can best be accounted for and removed safely. Poisons are not advisable as it is not easy to find and clean up all bat corpses from their hiding places, and insecticides have had mixed results.

If you have bats within the attic of your home, contact a professional bat control company for removal.

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