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Arlington Wildlife Removal

If you have animals in your home or tearing up your yard call Master Services (972) 877-4650 for Arlington wildlife removal.

Over the next few months you may find your home or yard to be the unwanted host to a wildlife that are looking for a home or just passing through and looking for food. If this is the case, call for help as soon as you notice something. Arlington wildlife removal can be fast if caught early on.

There was a customer who called for Arlington wildlife removal a few weeks ago after he had noticed that something was digging in his yard and garden bed. When we sent technicians out to take a look it was determined that the cause was an armadillo, we set traps and waited about a day until sure enough there was an armadillo in the trap. We relocated the big guy and were interested in seeing if there were any more that could have been responsible for the large amount of damage that had been done in the yard. To our great surprise we caught a skunk the following day in the armadillo trap. Luckily for the technician the skunk was a juvenile and hadn’t yet begun to spray. We located this little guy and still curious as to what this Arlington wildlife removal could still turn up. We then re-set the armadillo trap along with a few skunk traps, just in case. The “just in case” turned out to be a great idea, over the next week we proceeded to catch another five, I repeat, five skunks! As a part of the initial trip out our technician sealed a hole near a vent opening that the client had in the side of his house. After the last skunk was caught and relocated the homeowner was quite happy for us having sealed that hole. Can you imagine the smell if those six skunks had decided to start sharing his home with him?

Arlington wildlife removal is far from predictable; we are dealing with wild animals that have their own plans. Our technicians are trained and experienced in any sort of situation they could run across. This includes the animals that try and outsmart the traps and the situation where there are many different animals sharing the same space and each has its own trapping technique.

If you are looking for the company that has the best results with Arlington wildlife removal, call us as soon as you notice something. Master Services has been in the wildlife removal business for over 16 years and while there are no guarantees when it comes to wild animals, we will help you to fix your problem.

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