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Are you looking for a local wildlife removal company?

Raccoon Removal by Master Services

Are you looking for a local wildlife removal company?

When it comes to needing someone with your Local Wildlife Removal company to come out and service your home, most people head to Google first. There, you’re able to find many companies listed and the animals they provide services for.

Please be aware, not all companies have technicians that are fully trained to handle all animals properly so be careful when you’re choosing yours. One of the key things when selecting a company, is to check the reviews. Google, Yelp and Angie’s list are just a few main sites that will list reviews for companies. There are usually several reviews listed written by many people. One thing to be aware of is that some companies have several different locations so make sure that the reviews you are reading are for the location that you are interested in having your home serviced by. It’s always good to read all of them, if time allows, so that you can get a good idea of the overall quality of service that the company provides.

If you are dealing with a dog or cat, contacting Animal Control through 311 (non-emergency line) may be a good option to try first. There is usually not a charge for them to come out, remove and dispose of animals. Double check when you call them just to be sure.

As for other companies, be careful in regards to companies giving you a quote over the phone. When dealing with Local Wildlife Removal, companies really need to come out and access the work before they give you a price. It’s hard to provide a price for something you haven’t seen. Once you’ve selected a company, it’s a good rule of thumb to do further research on them such as the BBB rating and any other reviews you may find. You don’t want just anyone working on your home and you want them to value your home just as much as you do. You want to check their techniques as well. Each company has their own process and procedures when it comes to trapping and disposing or the relocating of animals and some are illegal.

The estimates that you receive will be factored on where the animal is located and how hard they are to find and trap. The chimney, attic, outside in the yard, under the house or even between the walls are the main places they may hide.

Now that the cool weather is here the animals are definitely seeking a warm place to be. So don’t be surprised if one sneaks into your warm attic or chimney.

Some people try to ignore the problem and hope it just disappears but some wildlife can carry diseases and parasites that can be hazardous to your health. This is not safe especially if you have children in the home. So having someone come out sooner than later is really a good choice. Also, if the animal does not disappear but dies instead, you have to deal with the unpleasant odor that gets worse over a short amount of time. Not to mention, other ones joining it through the same, or even different points of entry. The best thing to do honestly, is have a professional who deals with Local Wildlife Removal come out and provide an estimate for a complete service, including plugging entry points and deodorizing and sanitizing. You can try to remove it yourself, but it’s really not safe or sanitary without the proper supplies.

What I’m noticing a lot of is that people are waiting until the last unbearable minute and then contacting the Local Wildlife companies, verses calling when the problem starts. At this point, it becomes more of an emergency and will probably cause you to jump at the first estimate provided without fully understanding what you are agreeing to. Do your research and make sure you understand what you are agreeing to completely because you agree to any services.

Having an animal in your attic or between the walls can also cause house fires. It is estimated that 25-50% of all fires of unknown origins are caused by rodents gnawing electrical wires. Of course, no one wants their home to catch on fire at any point, especially not in the winter. Just as a quick added note, pest control companies are not trained to handle Local Wildlife Removal. This makes it more crucial for you selecting the right company. The safety of you and your family depends on it.

When dealing with the attic, not only do you want a quote for trapping and removing but also plugging the entry holes and deodorizing, sanitizing and if necessary, removing and replacing the insulation. You definitely want this done because it’s hard to tell what has seeped into it. Urine and feces are the most common things that could infest it. Those are the type of things you don’t want embedded in your attic insulation. What will happen during the summer months when attic gets hot? Your quote on how much and what needs to be done really depends on the animal and how long it’s has been there.

The chimney removal process is a little different, seeing that you can’t put in traps or exit doors to get the animals out. Also, some animals are protected legal so you have to very careful in how they are removed and some can’t be removed at all. You have to wait until it leaves before you can even place a cap over it. You want to make sure the Local Wildlife company you choose is well versed in legally removing any animal. Trying to rid the problem by burning a fire is not a good idea either. Unless you like roasted squirrel! Not to mention if there is a nest up there, it could possibly catch on fire which would lead to a possible house fire. Bottom line is, it’s best to call a professional who is certified and trained in wildlife removal. Most companies will offer solution to also offer preventative measures such as chimney caps.

If you are looking for a local wildlife removal company, call Masters Services (972) 877-4650 for help!

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