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Animal Removal Service by Masters Services

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Unwanted pests and animals in a home or business have the potential to do serious damage. This often involves ruined insulation, chewed electrical wires, and damage to drywall. Many animals are found in an attic space and have gotten in through an unknown opening. A homeowner with an animal problem will need to the services of an animal removal specialist.

Trapping and Relocation

Master Services offers human animal removal services to residential customers. We pride ourselves on the non-lethal methods that are used to capture and relocate wild animals in a home. If a homeowner is faced with an unwanted guest in a basement, attic, or even in a wall, then professionals are required for safe and humane removal. Our animal control specialists will travel to a customer’s home to assess any damage and develop a plan of action. We have years of experience in the safe removal of animals from residential homes.

Animal Exclusion

Removing wild animals from a home and preventing them from getting back inside is known as animal exclusion. The animal removal specialist will ensure there are no more animals in an attic, garage, and any other area. Places of entry will be pinpointed by the specialist before being sealed. A wire screen is used to seal all potential entry points into a home. This will keep any animals from accessing the home in the future.

Animal Repelling

Unwanted pests found around a home may include snakes and a variety of rodents. Rats and mice in a home typically result when there is ample food and places to make a nest. Snakes can also come into a yard or garage looking for food. The animal removal specialist will use various methods to repel a pest from the property. A detailed plan will then be developed to prevent them from returning.

Dead Animal Removal

Wild animals that get into a home often chew on anything in sight, such as insulation and wiring. If the animals in a home chew on something that is dangerous, then it may get killed. This typically results in a foul odor coming from the attic, a wall, or other area in a home. Dead animal removal specialists will need to come out and extract the dead animal from the home. A wild animal may also be found dead in a hidden area of a homeowner’s property. The dead animal removal specialist will disinfect all areas the dead animal contaminated in the home.

Safe, Humane, Animal Cleanup

Wild animals in a home often leave a big mess behind. This includes debris that has been collected to a significant amount of waste. Our cleanup service will remove animal waste from an attic or other areas where wild animals have been living.

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