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Animal Removal in the Attic

A residential home with an attic will sometimes be a place where unexpected guests reside. Many types of animals can find their way into the attic or a residential home. A homeowner will typically find out a pest is in their attic when noises are heard above the ceiling. Common noises in an attic will include the sounds of scratching and any moving around. A local animal in the attic removal specialist will be needed if a homeowner suspects a problem.

Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels are a common pest that often get into an attic through an air vent. They are able to pry slats of a vent without much effort. If a squirrel gains access to an attic, then it will chew on most anything that is in the area. This includes wiring and even wood beams. The most common reason for a squirrel to be in an attic is to have babies. A squirrel that make a home in an attic will return each year as the area is a safe haven from predators. Homeowners need to contact an animal in the attic removal specialist if they have any questions about a squirrel problem.

Raccoons in the Attic

Another common type of animal that may get into an attic is a raccoon. Raccoons are a nuisance due to their ability to chew on electrical wiring and make a mess with the insulation in an attic. These animals will also tip over trash cans and steal pet food left in an unprotected area. Female raccoons are typically the most common in an attic as they need a warm and dry place to raise babies. A raccoon often weighs between 25 and 40 pounds. They are nocturnal and will be active at night. This is when most noise will be heard in an attic. A local animal in the attic removal specialist can easily trap and remove the animal from any residential home.

Rats and Mice in the Attic

Rats and mice of often the most common pests found in an attic. They are small and able to easily find their way into an attic through any small cracks or gaps in the roof. Mice can be found anywhere in the home they can gain entry. These pests do not like to be seen and will commonly hide inside of walls or under the insulation in an attic. Mice are active all year and typically breed in large numbers. This means a homeowner will need the assistance of an animal in the attic removal specialist to determine if an attic if infested with rats or mice.

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