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Why An Animal in the Attic Should Be Removed

Animal Traps in the Attic

Often an animal in the attic may be found due to a small opening that leads to the inside of the attic. It is essential to get the animal out of the home as soon as it is noticed for the safety of the individuals in the home and the animal. You may be able to notice the animal due to its droppings or the noises it makes. It is best to get the animal out alive if possible. Professionals will be able to properly trap the animal and ensure it is given proper treatment.

The Following Steps Should Be Taken if An Animal is in the Attic

  • Listen for the area the animal is located in order to advise the professionals where you last heard it.
  • Search around the outside perimeter of the home to see where the damage is located. It could be a small hole that the animal could have entered through.
  • Do not enter the attic until you have identified the animal or have called for professional assistance with animal removal.

Fixing the Home to Prevent an Animal in the Attic

Once an animal has been noticed, it is essential to contact a professional right away. After they remove the animal by trapping it, the technicians will be able to start fixing any holes or cracks the animal may have entered through. This way you can ensure the animals will stay out. The professionals are also going to search the area to make sure there are not any babies that were born or other animals in the attic. Animals can often leave behind an odor that will attract other animals. This is why it is extremely important to fix the holes that lead to the attic.

animal in the attic

An Animal in the Attic can include:

Importance of Properly Removing Animals in the Attic

Every single animal that is found in your attic will need to be properly removed by trapping it. This way they can be unharmed and given to humane services. Some animals, such as birds, will leave the area on their own. Birds use chimneys or attics to give birth to their young. Once the birds have left on their own, a chimney cap or repairs to any holes can be done to keep animals out.

What if the Animal in the Attic is Deceased?

Animals can carry a lot of diseases and harmful bacteria. It is extremely important that you do not try to remove the animal yourself to ensure your safety. Professionals will be able to locate the dead carcass and have it removed properly. The area can then be cleaned from the odor left behind that may attract other animals. The home must be looked at to find out where the animal in the attic entered. This way the holes, cracks, or other damaged areas can be fixed immediately.

Are all Animals Trapped the Same Way?

All animals come in different shapes and sizes. Some may be faster than others. The animals are trapped based on the type of animal they are. For example, bigger animals such as raccoons and opossums are trapped in cages that are baited. Another method used to remove a mother raccoon and her babies is with a scent deterrent. Smaller animals such as rats and squirrels are removed with the seal and trap method. This is where every hole is sealed except for one. The last hole available will be their exit only hole and is fixed as soon as the animal exits the attic.

Get Assistance Removing the Animal in the Attic Properly

If you happen to find an animal in the attic of your home, be sure to get in contact with Masters Services. You may fill out a contact us form on our website, One of our representatives will be able to contact you and answer any questions that you may have regarding the services.

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