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The Best Squirrel Removal Tips

Squirrel Removal Dallas

Playful, cute and apparently harmless, squirrels can nonetheless become a nuisance.  These social creatures easily adapt to all sorts of environments, and with many different breeds, can become large populations very quickly. Squirrels are rodents characterized by their large bushy tails. As the cartoons have claimed, they have a preference for nuts and do store food for the winter. They communicate with each other through loud chattering and occasional scent marking. Squirrels tend to be most active in the early morning or evening.  Because they can be territorial, they are hard to repel or scare away for long.


Are You Having Squirrel Problems?

Squirrel chattering, particularly in large numbers, can become an annoying and constant nuisance. They can also cause property damage by chewing through wood, drywall, ducts or other structures to create their homes, or cause more serious risks of fires by chewing through electrical wires or other cable. Squirrels generally do not carry diseases communicable to humans, although they can carry parasites in ticks. They are largely non-aggressive, but can, on occasion, deliver nasty bites with their oversized front teeth. If you’re having problems with squirrels within the attic of your house, a squirrel removal company may be your best bet in getting rid of these unwanted animals.

Squirrel Prevention

Squirrels are particularly known for making homes in the attic; in fact, squirrel populations have been known to be responsible for a great many “noises in the attic.” They also favor chimneys, crawlspaces and other small, dark, enclosed areas. Restricting access to these areas, and making sure that they can withstand any chewing attempts, can prevent squirrel over population.

Additionally, like most rodents, squirrels are attracted to trash both for food scraps and the bugs or beetles that are also attracted to them. Making sure that compost heaps are enclosed and that the trash or dumpster area is clean will also help prevent squirrel infestation. Additionally, squirrels feed on the same seeds often found in birdseed, so keeping the birdseed feeder clean and preventing access to any water supply can also minimize the likelihood of overpopulation.

Squirrel Removal


Squirrels are relatively easy to trap compared to other wild life and live traps cage baited with bread or peanut are often successful. Squirrels can also be killed by poisons or longer-range weapons, but this can cause problems with neighbors and house pets. It is recommended to hire a professional squirrel removal company if you’re having problems with squirrels. They will use the right methods to safely remove squirrels from your home.

Cage traps work particularly well with attic infestations. Squirrels can cause considerable damage once they get into your house, so in serious cases, it’s best to consult with a professional squirrel removal expert as soon as possible.


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