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In Need of Wildlife Removal?

Animal Removal in the Attic
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The increasing urbanization of urban areas and an explosion in wildlife populations has created a need for local services that are able to remove wildlife. Homeowners in need of wildlife removal are already dealing with some sort of nuisance animal problem. Dealing with any type of nuisance wildlife is a task that needs to be left to professionals. A homeowner should not try to remove wild animals themselves.

Service Call

Homeowners who are in need of wildlife removal services will receive quality service. Service calls will consist of an inspection, a damage assessment, recommendations, implementation, exclusion, clean out of damage, and odor control. Many animals will cause all sorts of damage to a home. The will also leave areas contaminated with droppings and other health issues. Common animals that are found in a home include bats, squirrels, and even raccoons.

Wildlife Removal

Nuisance wildlife removal is comprised of various elements a homeowner in need of wildlife removal services will be provided. The initial inspection by the technician will examine the home to find all the entry and exit points for use by an animal. Identification of the animal will also be done. This is based on hair and droppings discovered during the initial inspection. The technician will then discuss with a homeowner the exact issue and offer recommendations to remedy the problem.

Are You In Need of Wildlife Removal?

A homeowner who is in need of wildlife removal assistance will have one or more programs that will need to be implemented. This will include trapping, excluding, or perhaps a habitat modification. A program that will solve the issue will be determined by the specific situation for each job. All the entry points to an attic or crawlspace will be monitored. This will ensure the removal process is successful. Any repair work and preventative measures that are needed will be done to prevent future problems.

Dead Animal Removal

Animals that have died in a crawlspace or attic will have a foul odor. One reason animals are dead in a home is due to the use of poisons. Many homeowners do not realize that poisons will not force animals to leave an area. Most times they will die in an area that is often hard to reach. Removal of a dead animal in a home is a job for a trained professional. A homeowner who finds a dead animal up in their attic will be in need of wildlife removal.

Contact Masters Services for more information about nuisance animal removal. We will have a plan for any homeowner who is in need of wildlife removal services. Our team provides the clean out of an attic or crawlspace by removing soiled insulation along with animal droppings. We also perform odor control for the area.

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