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Do You Need Skunk Removal?

skunk control

Are you smelling the scent of a skunk? You may need a skunk removal company to come investigate the strange odors. Even though they’re considered shy and normally not aggressive creatures, few animals elicit a stronger aversion in the average person than the skunk. Their primary defense mechanism is a substance sprayed from scent glands that releases a noxious and particularly persistent odor. Skunks are largely nocturnal and tend to forage on grub, beetles and other small animals. Skunks have very good hearing but a poor sense of eyesight, and tend to be largely inactive in the winter. Skunk populations tend to grow more in the spring during breeding seasons.

Skunk Removal Breeding Season

While they do in fact serve a purpose in keeping rodent and insect populations under control, the spray secreted by the skunk is a sulfur compound that leaves a lingering smell reminiscent of very bad eggs mixed with car oil, and can be extremely hard to remove.  Very often, they will spray dogs, cats or other household pets in defense. Furthermore, skunks are diggers, and large population can wreak havoc on gardens and lawns. Another problem with skunks is that they can also carry rabies. Skunk removal can come in very handy if you’re experiencing problems with skunks in your home.

Skunk Prevention Tips

In order to prevent skunks from settling down or infesting your property, minimize their access to areas that they tend to hide in. This includes blocking any spaces under chairs and decks or other small, dark spaces. Since skunks are foragers, they are often attracted to areas with uncollected trash and likely to have a grub or larvae population.  Compost heaps, leaf piles and pet food can also attract skunks. There are no fully proven repellents for skunks, and, though they can be scared off by loud noises, most noise-based repellents are not fully reliable.

Removing Skunks from Your Property

It’s possible to trap a skunk, and if relocated at least five or six miles from your property, it should not return. Live cage traps are generally preferable as more humane. Skunks can often be lured into the cage at night with meat-based bait, and draping with a towel over the cage to prevent spraying during transport.

Please careful around skunks, skunk control should only done by trained skunk removal methods. Skunk removal is a smelly chore, and not getting sprayed is the goal. Here at Masters Services Nuisance Wildlife is trained in proper skunk control methods for a clean skunk removal!

While there are numerous skunk traps commercially available, it’s generally best to use a professional skunk removal service to minimize the defensive spraying.

Getting Rid of the Awful Skunk Smell

The most cited method to remove the skunk scent is mixing dishwashing liquid, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water in a bucket, and then soaking the area with the mixture. Never store liquid or cover the container. More persistent smells or stains might require professional cleaning.

If you’re in need of skunk removal, consider consulting with a professional skunk removal company. They will come out to your home and determine the best method to use.

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