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How to Get Rid of the Skunk Scent

Dallas Texas is home to many wildlife animals. Although they do often live in urban areas, their home is mostly rural areas where they call home. Skunks are common creatures to find in the Dallas area, often looking for food. You may encounter a skunk near your trash or on your property – if this is the case, call a Dallas wildlife removal expert.

So, you have finally hired a wildlife control company to get rid of the unwanted skunks around your property. However, there is a foul odor that lingers within your home. It seems like no matter what you use (odor spray, candles, incense, etc.) the scent seems to seep its way back into your home.

Getting rid of a wildlife animal or even a dead animal scent can be considered easy – only if it is done the proper way.  However, getting rid of the skunk smell can be very difficult, even for a skilled professional. One reason why the skunk scent is so difficult to eliminate is because it’s a very strong and long-lasting odor. It will take more than odor spray to eliminate the skunk scent.

Our Dallas Skunk removal company suggest the following homemade skunk scent removal remedy:

Skunk Spray Odor Remover Recipe

  • Use 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide (regular strength)
  • Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • Use 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid soap
  • Thoroughly mix up the liquids

It may be easier to pour the skunk spray into a spray bottle. Also, make sure you wear gloves to protect your skin from the chemicals. Avoid mixing this recipe too early before using it because it is an extremely stable product.

The only drawback of using this type of homemade recipe is that it may bleach out anything that it comes in contact with. However, it is an effective remedy to use. Although there are a few commercial products you can buy to get rid of the skunk scent, it can be expensive – this concoction is considered a good alternative.

Although this home remedy has eliminated the skunk scent for many people, it is suggested that you hire a professional to come and clean any kind of animal scents. If a skunk or any other wildlife animal has died within your attic, basement or garage, you may want to consult with a wildlife control company. If they don’t provide scent removal or cleanup services, they can at least provide you with a couple of suggestions or refer you to a company that specializes in removing animal scents.

Warning Tip: If you’re experiencing a strange odor within your home and you think it may be a dead animal, don’t second guess that idea. Contact a Dallas skunk removal company to inspect your house. They have the right kind of equipment to determine if there is a dead animal within your attic, basement or garage.

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