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Rat on ceiling

The great Sun Tzu in his seminal work, the Art of War, once said, “Know your enemy as you know yourself”. He was undoubtably referring to human enemies, but we here at Masters Services apply that same philosophy to our animal control business. Other companies may simply enter your home, bomb it with chemicals or set traps, and leave you with a carcass to deal with yourself. At Masters we do no such thing; we use our specialized biological knowledge of local species to deal with any type of animal nuisance we might encounter. This allows us to decide the safest, fastest, and most humane methods in Dallas Rodent Control.

The Best Dallas Rodent Control Company

Just as important as animal removal is prevention of reentry, a service we are also happy to provide. Our exclusion process includes a full inspection of possible rodent entry points followed by a resealing and reinforcing of any compromised areas. We use only the highest grade materials to create a customized solution for your home, allowing you to rest assured that your home will remain rodent free, without even the slightest eyesore on the exterior or interior of home.

Even after a week of an animal using your home as a free hotel can leave lasting damage including: feces, urine, parasites, and structural damage. If they choose to stay in the attic then damage to your home’s insulation as well as wiring is extremely probable, fortunately we at Masters have both the tools and certifications necessary to identify and repair all of these problems. We also offer a revolutionary new solution to the common problem of leaves in rain gutters called Leafproof. Cleaning leaves from the gutters can be extremely frustrating but it is very important if you wish to avoid the growth of dangerous fungal or insect colonies within the nutrient filled environment of decomposing leaves.

In conclusion, if you have ever had a rodent occupy your home, you know it can be a traumatic experience. Between the waste they fill your home with, their capacity to carry diseases, and the damage they can do to the structure of your home, it is extremely important to eliminate and prevent rodent invasion. Whether it is raccoons, bats, rats, mice, moles, voles, insects, opossums, snakes, lizards, birds, or squirrels (both flying and non-flying), Masters Services are the best in Dallas Rodent Control.

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