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Dead Rat in walls

We live in a truly amazing time in the history of humanity; at one point we would be lucky to find a cave to shelter ourselves from the weather, yet now we live in gargantuan homes, fully outfitted with mechanically operated and sealed doors to keep nature at bay. Unfortunately one luxury, the chimney, has also created a point of vulnerability in many homes, providing a point of entry for countless unwanted animal intruders.

We have made it our goal at Masters Services Certified Chimney Professionals to provide homeowners with the tools necessary to maintain and improve their chimneys, fireplaces, and prevent unwanted entry by nuisance wildlife. Not only will we prevent further wildlife from entering your home, but we also remove any infestation which you may be dealing with including armadillos, bats, squirrels, rats, snakes, skunks, and opossums.

Our Rodent Removal Process

We use only the highest grade materials to create a customized solution for your home, allowing you to rest assured that your home will remain rodent free, without even the slightest eyesore on the exterior or interior of home. Our process is simple: locate the point of entry, remove the animals from the home or business, provide any repairs necessary, clean, sanitize and deodorize the area.

Get Unwanted Pests Removed Today

If you have ever had a rodent occupy your home, you know it can be a traumatic experience. Between the waste they soil your home with, their capacity to carry diseases, and the ruination they can do to the construction of your home, it is extremely important to eliminate and ward off rodent incursion. We also sell, install, remodel, and remove fireplaces, something which you may find necessary after an invasion has been done away with.

Residents Trust the Wildlife Removal Experts Masters Services

If you want only the highest in Dallas Rodent Control, then go with Master Services; our experience, adaptability, and reliable resources allow us to handle any situation. If you find you have raccoons in your attic or chimney – call us for all your raccoon removal needs.

Masters Services Nuisance Wildlife rat control will come out and perform a free property inspection of the problem structure. The inspection will provide the amount of rat trapping proofing that needs to be sealed on the exterior of the structure and how much clean up, sanitizing, and deodorizing that needs to be done. Once the structure is sealed in and everything out, Masters will snap trap the interior rats. No poison is used ever, so no dead rats in walls. We believe in solving your rat problems, not controlling them!

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