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Anderson Squirrel Removal Experts

Wildlife Proofing on Roof

America has always been a truly beautiful country, one which has many beautiful and unique species of plants and animals. Despite their beauty, many animal species have taken on the role of common pests in todays urban environment. From birds to beavers and skunks to snakes, many animals are content to invade one home after another, often lowering structural integrity, endangering residents, and leaving behind only refuse.

Wildlife Removal Anderson Residents Trust

If you are in the Anderson area, your home has been invaded by nuisance wildlife, and you are looking for the most reliable professional for Anderson squirrel removal,  we recommend Masters Services. Not only are we insured (a quality which is very important when considering wildlife removal specialists) but we also has over 17 of experience and knows the local wildlife very well. Bats, rats, raccoons, armadillos, squirrels, and opossums, we can handle them all.

Squirrel Control in Anderson

When it comes to a squirrel’s diet, the facts are they will eat acorns, wheat, fruit, bird’s eggs, mushrooms, berries, oak buds, corn, insects, moths, nesting birds and especially nuts of any kinds. Squirrels will typically gather and save a lot of their food all year round. The squirrel will wake up out of hibernation and go look for the food they buried!

Squirrels can generally live anywhere from ten to twelve years but after about six years, they are considered old squirrels. Don’t wait to schedule a Houston squirrel removal or Dallas squirrel removal before the problem gets much worse, and I mean on the pocket book.

Masters Services will determine the problem area the squirrels invaded and set traps. Then we will determine how many traps and which kind of traps we will be using to provide the fastest squirrel removal possible.

We will then give you a repair estimate on repairing any damage and also give an estimate for any clean up, sanitizing, and deodorizing. Wildlife is unpredictable, we cannot guarantee the capture of any animal, but we have years of successful experience in nuisance wildlife industry. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, a “5 star” rating with ServiceMagic, and a “Super Service Award” member of Angie’s list.

Call in the Experts at Masters

Even if you have just hear a noise in the attic it is best not to hesitate, rats and other nuisance wildlife get to work quickly and you need an experienced professional to trap them, remove them, and prevent further damage from other critters. Do not go with just anyone, go with our recommendation because they have truly earned the right to known as the greatest in Anderson squirrel removal, Anderson bat removal, and Anderson wildlife removal in general.

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