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Houston Wildlife Control Reviews

Houston Wildlife Control Reviews
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Houston Wildlife Control Reviews

Reviews are a funny thing, are they trustworthy or real? Well here at Masters Services they are all real!

Our Houston wildlife control reviews come from Google, Thumbtack, Angies List, and from Home Advisor.

Here is a sample of Houston wildlife control reviews for Masters Services…

  • Google review… 5 Stars – Did not get to finish my review… Anyway opossum is gone.Once again Daryl did a great job. If I ever need assistance again Ya’ll will have my business. Thanks again
  • Thumbtack review… 5 Stars – Excellent work. High professional
  • Home Advisor reviews… 5 Stars – I phoned at 11 a.m. and made a 2 -4pm appointment. Darrell called at 2p and arrived at 2:45 pm. By 3 pm he had assessed the problem. Advised me that he couldn’t fix one of them, but was able to fix the other. By 3:30 p I knew what action I needed to take, I had one exhaust vent covered and bird free. It cost $89 and I would call them again. 
  • Home Advisor reviews… 5 Stars – The expert came to my house regarding the noises in the attic, she went upstairs, she bring her own ladder, she checked everything, and she told us that we really did not have a problem, there were no signs of mice or rats, and there was the vent that was causing the sounds
  • Thumbtack review… 5 Stars – After reading many horror stories online about rodent problems, it was nice to get an up front lump sum estimate to fix my problem. No per visit fees, no add-ons or up selling later. Erick sealed up my house and visited many times to check and set traps until all rodent activity was gone. Erick was friendly and respected me, my house and my schedule. I would recommend their service to people I know with critter problems.
  • Google review… 5 Stars – The professionals from Masters Services were always prompt for service calls. The scheduling staff were polite and professional. Adam was incredibly responsive to our concerns. Most importantly– they solved our problem!
  • Google review… 5 Stars – Google review… 5 Stars – showed up on time, did a great job and was very friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Thumbtack review… 5 Stars – Masters Services quickly solved our raccoon problem in Richmond TX. A mama with 6 youngsters were living in our attic and MS evicted them all on the first try and returned in a few days to sanitize our attic.
  • Thumbtack review… 5 Stars – I highly recommend using Master Services for dead animal removal. The technician was very knowledgeable and professional.
  • Over 150 reviews on these 3 review sites alone.
All reviews are easily verified on the source site.

There is one big reason for all of our awesome reviews, WE CARE. Don’t think for a minute that we have not gotten a bad review, we have! Its what you do with the bad reviews is what makes us a superior Houston wildlife removal service. We make every review right. That doesn’t mean they change the review (of coarse we wish they would), but we did everything in our power to solve the situation.

Wildlife does not always cooperate, which means the initial method of removal may not solve the issue. If given the chance Masters Services solves EVERY issue guaranteed. 

Good reviews are not easily gotten, bad reviews are very easy to receive. 

Hiring a Houston wildlife removal service that is going to get fast results is not as easy as everyone of our competitors claims. I’m not saying our competition is bad either, they just don’t get recognized for doing as good of a service as Masters Services provides.

All Houston wildlife control services should be receiving good reviews. When a homeowner gets rid of a nuisance wildlife animal they are overcome with relief. The homeowner is always very thankful and is grateful for the services. That is the perfect time to say, “Please go online to the source you found us and tell other potential clients how good Masters Services services were.” Masters Services never solicits reviews but will absolutely ask for one if the client tells us how happy they are with our Houston wildlife removal services. 

How to do an online review

When reviewing any service online remember your review is going to be read by everyone searching for that service. The review should be honest but straight to the point. Reviews are grade cards not opinions. 
What I mean by not an opinion is lets say a cashier was rude to you but the store was clean, fair priced, and fresh products. Do not give the store a 1 star rating and say the place should hire better staff. My advice is to think about the experience as a whole, calm down and write an intelligent review. 
My review for this store would be a upper 3 or 4. My comment would be..
“The store was clean and the food was fresh. The prices here are good. I had a bad experience with one of the cashiers today. She was rude and I hope the someone from the store would response to this.” 
That is how to a general review.

How to review a Houston Wildlife Control Service

When giving a Houston Wildlife Control Service review give the entire experience from the initial call to the final payment. Do not just say “Great service!”. It is wonderful for the review but it doesn’t help the online consumer really make an educated decision.

Please tell us about the initial phone call seeking out a Houston wildlife control service. Mention the timeliness of the technicians. Tell the public about the appearance of the vehicle and technician. Give a brief run down of the process and timing of the job to completion. Then shortly compliment the company on a job well done or not so well done.

Review responses

Houston Call Center

Masters Services responds to reviews to let the public and the client writing the review know we received the review. Masters Services will always reply to a bad review and tries to thank most of the other great reviews.
Responding to reviews tells the public you are aware and ready to solve any issue that comes up. It also shows that Masters Services is a caring and competent company.

Masters Services received a 1 star review from an upset customer in January 2016. Management on a Sunday was calling and taking care of the customers concerns and within the week the customer changed her review to a 4 star. 

No service company is perfect, its all about what you do when one of your employees isn’t giving the public perfect service. The companies with good reputations respond quickly and successfully. In my opinion companies with few or no reviews generally are either new in the industry or no taking care of business.

Not every company can be Masters Services and have a successful Houston Wildlife Control Review history. So call Masters Services and give us a review after we complete your wildlife removal service perfectly.   
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