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What is a Custom Chimney Cap

If you are looking for an answer to the question what is a custom chimney cap, call Master Services (972) 877-4650 or (713) 723-4854 for the best examples.

So you have been wondering, what is a custom chimney cap? Does it really make a difference in the function and quality of my chimney or will a mass produced chimney cap work the same. When you look at a chimney cap, it is a minor and relatively inexpensive installation to your home that you may wonder if it is necessary or not. When wondering what is a custom chimney cap think of it this way, even though it may be a small addition to your chimney and home it will save you quite a bit of hassle and money in the long run to have one installed on your home. Without one in place you are opening yourself and your home to sometimes thousands in repairs and damage expenses.

During times that animals are active and looking for places to nest you may wondering what is a chimney cap have to do with animals. The answer is simple, many animals and birds look for places that are warm, convenient and safe for them to nest. This often happens to be in the chimney of homes. With a custom chimney cap installed properly on your home you are not only ensuring that these animals keep out but also that they are not building nests in your chimney which can result in animals entering your home through the chimney, gas and smoke backing up into your home and fires in the chimney.

What is a custom chimney cap when it comes to protecting your chimney from moisture? When it comes to the structure of your fire place, it functions best and lasts longer when protected from water, heat and the elements. This would include the mortar crown of your chimney as well as the chase. When you have a custom chimney cap installed the chimney cap functions as protection to this area, ensuring that excess moisture does not get into the mortar and bricks causing them to crack and crumble.

Custom chimney caps also protect your roof from burning embers being able to escape and cause fires. When you have a custom chimney cap in place it will help to keep any still burning particles from escaping your fireplace and landing on your roof.

We have also been asked the question; will a custom chimney cap create drafting issues? The answer is no. In fact, an incorrectly installed chimney cap can cause drafting issues. When you have a Certified Chimney Professional custom make and install your chimney cap they can actually correct drafting problems. If you are still wondering what is a custom chimney cap, it would be best to have a professional out to assess if your home is in need of one.

Master Services, (972) 877-4650 or (713) 723-4854, has been in the custom chimney cap business for over 16 years. All of our chimney caps are custom made in our own metal shop and come with a transferable Lifetime Warranty. Call us today if you would like help answering the question what is a custom chimney cap.

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