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Masters Services is your local chimney sweep.

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How to Hire a Dallas TX Chimney Sweep Company

It is that time of year again, when you are ready to warm yourself by the fire, which makes it the perfect time to call a Dallas TX chimney sweep company. It can seem intimidating at first, to hire the right company to correctly sweep your chimney. It is actually a good thing to be cautious because it is a really important job to safely, thoroughly, and correctly sweep a chimney. One reason that its such an important job is because the safety of the home depends on a properly functioning chimney. If any debris or animals have nested in the chimney it can cause dangerous health and safety issues. The following tips will assist in hiring a qualified chimney sweep technician.Read More »How to Hire a Dallas TX Chimney Sweep Company

Chimney Example on House in Houston

Masters Services is the Best Chimney Sweep in Houston

The fireplace in a residential home is typically wood burning or uses gas. Wood burning fireplaces will be the most common and can cause the most problems. A wood fire will release the moisture contained the wood and results in creosote that can coat the inside of the chimney. Creosote will continue to build up the more the chimney is used. The best chimney sweep in Houston is able to inspect and clean out a residential chimney.Read More »Masters Services is the Best Chimney Sweep in Houston

Before and After Chimney Cap Installation on red brick

Plano Chimney Sweep Tips

Whether you use your chimney on a regular basis or you use it on occasion, at some point in time, you will need a professional Plano chimney sweep. Keeping your chimney clean is a very important part of good housekeeping. Getting your chimney cleaned by a professional Plano chimney sweep company will not only keep your home looking immaculate, it can also help prevent fire hazards.Read More »Plano Chimney Sweep Tips

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