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Houston TX Squirrel Wildlife Removal

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For help with any of your Houston TX squirrel wildlife removal needs, including proofing of your home call Master Services (713) 723-4854.

Squirrels are pretty cute little critters. Many of us have enjoyed watching them run up and down trees and telephone poles. However a certain set of homeowners have an entirely different opinion of the furry “friend”. I am talking about those who have had their homes invaded by squirrels. That’s right. Squirrels will make their way into attics, crawl spaces, chimneys, and walls, and will become a huge nuisance to anyone who is living in the house. They can also cause several other problems besides being noisy. If you are one of the many homeowners suffering from a squirrel invasion, do not hesitate to call Masters Services to schedule a Houston TX squirrel wildlife removal. We have been in business for over sixteen years and we are fully prepared to help you with all of your Houston TX squirrel wildlife removal needs.

So what’s the rush? Well, when squirrels get into say, your attic, they will start gnawing on just about anything they can get their little chompers on. They are especially notorious for chewing through electrical wiring. According to recent research, over 40,000 house fire incidents are caused annually due to faulty electrical wiring, which subsequently is the leading cause of fire related deaths. It is estimated that the fires caused by faulty electrical wiring account for over 500 deaths and $500 million in property losses. Of these fires, it is estimated that 40% are due to rodents gnawing on the wires. If you have squirrels running around in your attic, they could potentially cause a very dangerous situation for you and your family. This kind of issue should definitely not be ignored! Instead, you should just go ahead and get a Houston squirrel wildlife removal right away.

Squirrels will also use the bathroom all over the area in which they dwell. Sometimes urine will stain and contaminate materials such as sheetrock and insulation to the point where these materials actually need to be replaced. This can be very expensive! Squirrels will also chew on any other kind of materials. This means that if you are storing personal items in your attic, the squirrels will probably rummage through them and chew them up. It’s amazing what how strong their jaws actually are for such small animals. Don’t let the squirrels rip through your attic or your pocket book! Simply give Masters Services a call and schedule your Houston TX squirrel wildlife removal today.

Many things go in to performing a thorough Houston TX squirrel wildlife removal. It is important that the squirrels are removed, and also that preventative steps are taken to ensure they won’t return. Squirrels are extremely territorial animals and they will do everything they can to get back into your home once you’ve tried to exclude them.

When you have Masters Services (713) 723-4854 do your Houston TX squirrel wildlife removal, we will seal off entry points to make sure that no more squirrels invade your home. Call us today!

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