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The best Squirrel Removal Houston

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Every homeowner has to deal with unwanted animals within their home. Whether you encounter a squirrel or raccoon in your attic, uninvited animals can be a complete nuisance. There are a host of benefits of hiring squirrel removal Houston. For instance, they will get rid of the squirrels within your attic.

They will offer you pointers on how to prevent animals from entering your home. This is very important because animals can cause serious damages to a home. Another benefit is that getting rid of squirrels and other animals can prevent injury and even rabies. Many people are unaware that wildlife carries rabies.

One of the most obvious reasons to call upon professionals to remove squirrels is that you can finally get a good nights sleep. No one wants to stay awake at night because animals are scurrying around the attic or scratching around in a chimney of a fireplace.

The best Squirrel Removal in Houston

Sure, they look real cute, but you really do not want to tangle with wild squirrels. Some of them are host to fleas which can be vectors for various unpleasant diseases. When you require careful and humane squirrel removal Houston, call on Master Services. We also manage armadillos, bats and raccoons.

Have you been experiencing loud noises within your attic or chimney? It is time to contact professional squirrel removal Houston. Squirrel removal Houston will come out to your home and inspect your house to see exactly where the animals are nesting.

Once they remove the animals from your home, they will let you know what to do to help prevent them from coming back into your home.

If you’re in need of hiring a professional animal removal company, visit: provide a host of animal removal services for residents within the Houston area.

If your notion of squirrels is like something out of an old Walt Disney movie, please reconsider. Yes, squirrels are cute, but they can be real pests when they settle where they’re not wanted. Squirrels can negate your efforts to create a backyard garden. If squirrels manage to get into your chimney, you can forget about using your fireplace until the little darlings have been relocated. Masters Services is all about gentle and humane squirrel removal Houston. Our crews are experienced and adept at squirrel removal Houston and they know how the creatures think. We will come to your home, gently trap the animal or animals and take them somewhere else to live. We make every effort to do squirrel removal Houston in a way that is safe to the varmint, the catcher and anyone who happens to be nearby.

Squirrel Removal Experts in Houston

Of course, squirrel removal Houston is not all we do. We are a full service chimney sweeping, chimney repair and chimney maintenance company and your go-to guys for anything to do with your chimney. Don’t try to deal with chimney problems on your own. You will just make a mess and frustrate yourself. We have the experience and the tools to do the job right the first time. Save our number into your phone and use it any time you require our services. Remember to call for a chimney cleaning at the start of every fireplace season. We are Masters Services and we’d be delighted to do your squirrel removal Houston.

Squirrel Removal Houston

Homeowners who hear strange noises in their attic or crawlspace may have an animal that is making it a home. The typical time of year for animals to gain access to an attic is around winter. Noises will not be heard much during the summer as an attic is often too hot. However, cooler weather may lead to the infiltration of a squirrel. This means a squirrel removal Houston specialist will be needed to remove an animal from the home.


Animals often look for shelter and warm areas to have raise babies. Squirrels will find attics have more than enough room for their needs. The insulation in an attic will provide a soft place to sleep. If there is a squirrel in an attic, then it will leave periodically to find food. Trapping a squirrel is the best option to get rid of the animal. A squirrel removal Houston specialist will use various traps to humanely catch an uninvited guest in a homeowners attic.

Prevention is the best way to ensure no more intruders enter an attic. This requires looking for all areas that can be used as an entry point. Most entry points into an attic are located where a shingle may have been damaged or an animal has found a weak section of sheathing. Vents located at roof peaks are also another way for squirrels to enter an attic space. A squirrel removal Houston expert will find the points of entry for squirrels and make sure they are completely sealed.

Facts of Squirrel Removal

Animals often end up being a problem for over 80 percent of homeowners. Most homeowners with the problem of squirrels in an attic live in an older house. Older homes may have one or more problems an updated or newer home will not experience. One factor to the continued occurrence of squirrels getting into an attic is the lack of animal control in cities and increasing residential development. If scraping is heard in an attic space, then homeowners should contact a squirrel removal Houston specialist.

Traps for Squirrels

The preferred method to remove a squirrel from a residential home is to trap the animal and then move it to another area. Female squirrels are the most common animal that is moved or relocated from a new or existing home. If a squirrel is forcibly removed by a homeowner, then any babies that are in the attic will eventually die. This is not an outcome preferred by most homeowners.

A live trap is used by squirrel removal Houston specialists to catch adult squirrels. The trap is placed at the point of entry or exit into the house and left for a few hours.

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