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Squirrel Removal Information

Squirrel removal
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Squirrel Removal Information

It’s that time of year again! Do you have squirrels in your attic? You are not alone. This is one of the most common animal calls that Masters Services gets. Do you hear scratching, nibbling and scraping from the walls of your attic? Chances are it is a family of squirrels.

Why do you need to call a professional, you might wonder?

Well squirrels, although cute to look at can be very hazardous to your home. Not only do they carry bacteria and viruses, but they actually gnaw through electrical wiring posing an electrical fire hazard. In order for squirrels to keep their teeth sharp and shaped correctly they actually have to chew on things. They also can chew through your insulation rendering your thousands of dollars worth of insulation obsolete and damaged. If you call us soon, we can help to prevent the expensive damages that having squirrels in your home can create.

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Are the squirrels in your attic?

Well then you are entitled to a free estimate and consultation by one of our wildlife technician specialists. He will come to your home and determine how the squirrels have been getting in. He will also go over specific trapping methods, as well as sanitizing and deodorization methods once the squirrels have gone. This initial appointment is a great opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you might have in person with the technician.

Masters Services has over 16 years of experience, and is family owned and operated. Our technicians are not only experienced, but friendly too! They will arrive at your home in a clean, logo’d truck, in uniform ready to help. We do not contract out, we are proud to say each of our technicians is a trusted employee that is part of the big “Masters Services family”.

If you think you might have squirrels in your home, it’s time to get them removed!

Call our office and one of our courteous and knowledgeable phone technicians will be happy to assist you with squirrel removal. Call for questions, and call to set up an appointment. Call us at any of our five locations: Dallas (972) 877-4650, Fort Worth (817) 205-5749, Oklahoma City (405) 236-1111, Denver (303) 720-7096 and Houston (713) 723-4854.

Squirrels and electricity:

Squirrels and electricity do not mix! Squirrels have been known to regularly chew on transformers and capacitors while looking for food. The squirrels are frequently electrocuted. This in turn results to inconvenient power outages.

Did you know that squirrels are actually responsible for 25% of all power outages in the United States in any given year!?


Did you know Masters Services is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association?

It offers up to date training, seminars, newsletters and other information to keep our technicians and other employees on the cutting edge of wildlife removal.

How do we treat those tricky, pesky, smelly squirrels in your attic?


Well, first a technician will arrive at your location, in a logo’d truck and a uniform. He will take plenty of time to assess the situation. He will survey and look for all possible entry points. Our technicians have a knack for detail – they will find all the entry points big or small. The tech will find any possible way that the squirrels may be getting in. He will also determine how many squirrels are there and what type of damage has been done. He will talk to you about our trapping methods. Then he will provide you with an estimate.

If you decide to move forward with the work, the technician will come back. Listed below is a common example of how taking care of those squirrels will go: The most common trapping method that our technicians use it to seal up all of the holes except for one. On that last hole, he will set up what is called a “one way door”. What this means is that the squirrels will leave to go out and get food, or nesting material and will not be able to re enter! This is a safe and humane way of removing the squirrels.

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Once you have heard no signs of squirrel activity for a while, it is time for the technician to come back to your location and seal up that last hole. After the final hole has been sealed up, he will also provide a sanitizing and deodorizing service to complete the job. This way all of the debris, germs, bacteria, nesting materials and droppings that the squirrels left behind will be cleaned. This keeps your family safe from harmful diseases that many wild animals do carry.

Now that all of the holes have been sealed up, you don’t have to worry about this problem occurring year after year, costing you thousands of dollars worth of damage. Why don’t you have the professionals take care of it the right way, the first time, saving you years of costly damage that those squirrels can incur.

If you get the job done right the first time, you won’t have to worry year after year, and think to yourself “uh oh, the squirrels are back!”

*Warning* Never try to handle a squirrel on your own.

Although it may seem cute to hand feed them, they can easily lash out if they feel cornered. They become threatened easily and can lash out and bite your hand. Squirrels carry high levels of bacteria in their mouths, so squirrel bites can easily become infected. They can carry rabies, mites, worms, and other pathogens that can be spread to you and your pets. In certain regions, they can carry ticks and fleas that carry the harmful and very dangerous disease lymes disease.

Call Masters Services and one of our customer service representatives can set up an appointment for a technician to come out and take a look.

What set’s us apart? Masters Services will never harm any squirrels or their babies. We never use poison to get rid of the squirrels. This has 2 benefits. First, the squirrels will not die and start to stink up your home. If you use poison, this is bound to happen. Two, you and your family will not be exposed to harmful poisons.

We relocate the wildlife to their natural habitat. We do not kill them and most of our customers appreciate how this sets us apart from other companies.

Did you know that squirrels can give off offensive odors?

They give off stinky odors for three different reasons:

When they become startled, nervous, or are trying to attract a mate, they have scent and sweat pads in their feet that give off an odor. When they give off this odor, their feet can leave wetness in an otherwise dry surface. These footprints can not only stain, but can harbor very strong smells that are unpleasant to your home.

Squirrels leave large amounts of fecal matter compared to the size that they are. When they take up residence in your home, this unfortunate smell can multiply quickly

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Squirrels create nests in your home. This nesting material is covered with their scent, fecal material, and other smelly items like dried food.

These are three reasons to consider taking advantage of the sanitizing and deodorizing services that we have to offer. We will treat the entire living area that the squirrels had taken up, and we will ensure that there is no more nesting, fecal matter, or odors. We will use a special sanitization system and also deodorize. Pretty soon, it will be as if the squirrels were never in your location to begin with.

Squirrels in the Chimney

Squirrels don’t just take up residence in your attic, they can also find a home in your chimney. There can be many reasons why they made a home in your chimney. If you hear scratching and small animal noises, chances are there could be a squirrel and her babies making a home in your chimney.

Do you have a chimney cap?

If you have no chimney cap, or a damaged chimney cap, the squirrels are most likely getting in this way. If you have a chimney cap, there could be a hole in the mesh wiring surrounding the chimney cap. The squirrels find the chimney an ideal place to nest. This is because it is safe and warm from the outside elements for you.

Masters Services specializes in making custom chimney caps. We were recently featured in the wall street journal for one of our most popular caps, the Hayes chimney cap. Why not kill two birds with one stone by getting a free cap estimate during your initial squirrel removal assessment. If the squirrels are getting into your chimney, chances are there is a problem with your chimney cap, or perhaps you don’t have one.

Arch Lid Chimney Cap

Our chimney caps come in a variety of different styles, colors, and price ranges. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our chimney caps, if our technicians install them for you. What a great way to protect your home from the elements – not just bad weather, but wild animals such as squirrels.

So where does this leave you, if you have squirrels in your chimney?

Now you have a family of squirrels nesting in your chimney. The droppings they are leaving are unsanitary and unsightly. The nesting that they are making inside the chimney are hazardous to you and leave you at risk of a chimney fire if you try to use your fireplace.

One of our experienced technicians can come out and safely remove the squirrels and nesting. The nesting can be packed pretty tightly in and around places in the chimney where it may not come out with a regular chimney clean. This can be determined upon the technicians arrival to your appointment. He will go over the details of what he finds in regards to the squirrel removal services.

Here is a real life story of one of our new customers that can help you to put the severity of squirrels in the home into light. It also shows how squirrels will come back every year unless you have a professional take care of sealing up all of the holes in the proper areas.

I recently spoke with a new customer on the phone who said she had had an ongoing squirrel problem in her home for the past few years. She had called an exterminator company the last year, which used poison. She told me her nightmare of a story, saying that the squirrels had all died a slow painful death all throughout her house. The squirrels were stuck, dead in the walls and stinking. The squirrels were scurrying drunkenly throughout her house, until they would slowly curl up in a ball and die. And what’s worse, is SHE had to dispose of the dead carcasses that had been exposed to poison all by herself.

Thinking the problem was taking care of, after all the squirrels slowly died, she rested assured for an entire year. Then, to her dismay, a new set of SQUIRRELS were back again this year!!

That is when she contacted us. She knew a different route had to be taken. She realized that although the exterminators took care of the squirrel problem, they did nothing to prevent it from happening again.

One of our technicians is coming out to her location tomorrow to take assess the situation for her. This means he will thoroughly determine how the squirrels are getting in (and in situations like these, it is often multiple entry points). He will go over estimates and trapping methods with her, and most likely discuss putting in a one way door (depending on the location). He will also go on her roof, take measurements, and provide her with a free chimney cap estimate. Ensuring that you have a chimney cap is one of the best protectors against unwanted wildlife getting into your home! We are looking forward to being able to help this woman have a squirrel free spring. This will all be done without harming the squirrels, without using poison, and with out requiring this poor woman to clean up any animal mess herself.

Did you know, that although the most common nesting locations within a person’s property are in their attic or chimney, they have been known to nest in other weird places? Some of these places include inside a car, inside barbeque grills, and underneath porches.

squirrel removal

Squirrels incisors would grow more than 6 inches a year if they didn’t constantly use them for gnawing things.

Squirrels can squeeze into holes the size of a quarter! This is why some people are so puzzled as to how on earth those squirrels keep getting into their home.

Don’t Delay! The longer you wait, the more time those squirrels have to nest, multiply and create expensive damage in your home!

Squirrels are usually born in the early Spring. This is right around the corner. Early spring meaning March!! That means even if you hear just one squirrel nesting around in your attic, it may be preparing to have its squirrel babies in your home. What starts out as one squirrel often turns into dozens especially this time of year. This means lots of messy nesting and droppings in your home.

If you have heard squirrels in your attic, chimney, walls, or anywhere else in your home, give us a call at any of our five locations, and we will send out and experienced and trained technician to help you. There is no need to try to tackle this on your own!!

Masters Services has been open for over 16 years, and is family owned and operated. We are a featured member of Angie’s list, and Best pick reports. We have numerous Google reviews where you can check out what great work we’ve done. We also maintain an A plus rating with the better business bureau!

Thank you for reading, and thanks for considering Masters Services for your squirrel removal job. Whether they are in your chimney, in your attic, or under your porch, or in your home we are here to help! And again, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at Masters Services.

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