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Rats… Rats… Rats…

A customer in Houston called in today and stated she can hear rats chewing on the wood while she’s laying in her bed at night. She said that she just wanted to get up run up the attic and yell, “Get out of out here!”. Needless to say, she set an appointment. I can’t even imagine hearing something like that. It would totally freak me out. But when her and her husband were unable to get the problem under control they called a professional who is capable of performing rat removal in Houston. Smart move! Trying to do these things yourself could become very expensive and drive you up a wall trying to figure it out. I’m sure there are many things that you can Google or find on Pinterest that will offer solutions to your problem. Some may even work but you still have to have to find the tiny holes and all the entry points that they are using to make their way into your home. Not to mention deodorizing and sanitizing. I doubt if whose websites help you with that and they can’t because they are not in your home. Another reason why it makes since to just call a professional who deals with Rat Removal in Houston.

Poison is not the answer!

There are different techniques that professionals use other than poison to rid your home of its rat problem. Some people try poison and that’s not the answer. If they die, after they are poisoned, and fall into the wall, you have to tear a hole in your wall just to dig it out and then repair the wall. Just think if there is more than one in different spots. What a headache! So when you see or hear just one, that’s the best time to call. Especially if you have no success trapping it yourself. You can wait but there’s a good chance but just like that one got in, more will come and then it will be an infestation. It’s always better to take care of the problem in the beginning when there are less rats. In the long run it will be cheaper and save you a lot of time. Who doesn’t want the peace of mind having a home that is rat free!

Not only are rats an animal that are dreadful to look at, they also can carry several diseases. That something for you to be concerned with regarding your own personal health as well as your families including your household pets. You may think they are only in the attic but once in your home they will travel through walls, air ducts, cabinets to name just a few. They will make their way through cracks and holes you may never know exist and they will chew though almost anything. Rats will travel 50 to 300 feet just to find food and water. That’s a long way for something that small. They are very determined little creatures.

I’m actually receiving many calls about Rat Removal in Houston. I guess there is either a lot of ground breaking in different areas going on or it’s just the weather. Whatever it is, know that you’re not alone. Many of your neighbors are have the same problem. I’m sure that wouldn’t be a popular subject to share with your friends…lol. When you think about it, it may be a subject worth bring up so that they can refer you to someone they may have used for Rat Removal in Houston. Word of mouth is usually the best way to find someone. Even though it may be a little embarrassing, it’ll be worth it in the end!

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