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Let’s talk about rat removal Houston

Animal Traps in the Attic

Let’s talk about rat removal Houston

With the ongoing new construction, both residential and commercial, as well as roadway projects, there’s BOUND to be displaced critters looking for food and shelter.

Let’s talk about rats. There are 2 types of rats that are most common in Houston: One is the Norway rat (or, Norwegian rat), which is known to nest in the ground. The other is the Roof rat, which is known to nest in homes or businesses. Norway rats burrow in the ground and can enter through open doors, pet doors and vents (like dryer vents). Roof rats are known to walk along fence and power lines and climb on trees to gain entry.

If you’re one of those people that like to keep ‘snacks’ at work in your desk drawer, rats will find your ‘hiding’ spot!

Rats like to travel along the city sewer lines, they’re attracted to pet and bird food, garbage and even dog feces. They can squeeze into the smallest spaces, chew through plaster or sheet rock, electrical wiring, PVC tubing, basically destroy your home or business.

There are myths out there regarding repel tactics: scattering dryer sheets around the area; using bar soap that contains phenol that’s cut into pieces and hung in muslin, cloth bags or cheese cloth. Or, you can call a professional that’s trained for Rat Removal. Look for a company that’s knowledgeable and trained to look for their entry points, the areas they frequent and travel in your home and where they’ve been nesting.

Rat Removal Houston also involves prevention of re-entry in their known entry points, by sealing those entry areas with a polyurethane foam sealant, in most cases. Once the entry areas are sealed, baited traps can be set. Some of the most common baits used are: cheese, peanut butter and canned dog food.

Since rats create an environment that’s a potential health hazard, the use of an enzyme based cleaner or solvent should be used. Rats spread germs and bacteria because of the places and areas they’re known to travel, thus spreading those same germs and bacteria where you eat, live, work and play. Like dogs and cats, rats will ‘mark their spot’ with their urine. The following are diseases that are spread by rodents, whether living or dead: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Hemorrhagic Fever w/ Renal Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonellosis, Tularemia.

So, you see how important it is to hire a professional Rat Removal company knows how to handle ALL of these issues and concerns.

Whether they’re gaining entry through the attic, through the siding or the brick on the exterior of the structure or, the crawl space under the home, calling a professional Rat Removal company is probably the safest and most effective way to combat the situation.

A professional Rat Removal Houston company, like Masters Services, (713) 723-4854, can be one of your next best friends!

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