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How to Get Rid of Rodents in the Attic in Houston

Rat Removal in Houston Texas

Where to start when you have rodents in the attic in Houston?


Discovering that you have rodent activity in your attic can be a scary situation in Houston. Knowing what the noises are and discovering that rats have taken up residency in the attic can be an overwhelming situation. Stay calm, your reading this so you are on the correct path in how to get rid of rodents in the attic in Houston.

Maybe some little noises have been coming from the attic to prompt you to search for a solution. You are now thinking of where to begin. Do I call a pest control company? Should I go and purchase poison and attempt to get rid of the rats on my own? How did the rodents get in my attic? Is it mice, rats, or something bigger? How long will it take to get rid of the rodents in the attic? How do I keep rats out of the attic? Who does the sealing up the house? Do I need to clean the attic? Should I sanitize after the rats are gone?

Do I call a pest control company?

The best home service provider to get rid of your rodents in the attic in Houston is NOT to hire a pest control company. Pest control companies are in the business to control by using poisons.

Poisons do not solve the complete rodent infestation situation you are in with rodents in the attic. Pest control companies are licensed to be able to purchase poisons that the public cannot purchase. Yes poisons do kill the rodents in the attic, but do not solve your rodent situation in the attic.

Should I go and purchase poison and attempt to get rid of the rats on my own?

Poisons only kill the rodents that are present in the attic. The poisons do not kill the rats or mice on contact. The rodents eat the poison and then go somewhere to die.

Rodents will not typically die in an easy place to find. So if you have 10 rats in your attic you have the potential of having 10 dead rats. The rats will die in the walls, in corners of the attic that cannot be reached, on the roof rafters, hiding in the attic insulation, and outside in the yard.

If one is not properly trained in handling a rat removal situation in an attic then hire a nuisance wildlife removal service. Nuisance wildlife removal services are properly trained in all the steps in solving your rats in an attic situation. Poisons are not used by nuisance wildlife removal services. The methods they use are approved by the CDC for solving any rodent situation in an attic. Read below the CDC procedures of how to get rid of rodents in the attic in Houston.

The CDC has a list of diseases that are directly and indirectly transmitted by rodents to humans. The list is long.
Rodent Diseases Transmitted from Rats

How did the rodents get in my attic?

Rodents get into attics through large and very tiny entry points. Entry points are found all around the house or structure. Huge rats can squeeze through ¼ inch openings. The openings include weep holes in brick, trim separation, poor construction, under or on roof shingles, chimneys, eaves or soffits, garage doors, or even open doors.

Is it mice, rats, or something bigger?

Determining if is mice, rats, or something bigger is not usually that hard. Walking the perimeter of the house or structure to find entry points is the fastest and easiest way. Look for damage, grease marks, foot prints, and rotting or decaying construction materials.

Go up into the attic. Do not venture too far into the attic because it could be a wildlife critter larger than a rodent. Using a flash light span the attic for feces, eyes looking at you, and trails in the attic insulation. If you discover feces, notice the size of it. Mice have small droppings and rat droppings are much larger up to a ¼ inch long. If any droppings look similar to small dogs droppings you don’t just have rodents, you may have a raccoon or an opossum. Squirrels leave similar size dropping to rats but the best method to discover them is to look for chewing on wires or the rafters.

All wildlife is suggested to call a nuisance wildlife removal service.

How long will it take to get rid of the rodents in the attic?

A nuisance wildlife removal service can usually have any rodent situation under control in less than a month and as fast as a week. The determining factors are how many rodents are in the attic and how long have they been in the attic?


Steps in how to get rid of rats in an attic in Houston

The CDC recommends the following to get rid of rats in the attic…

  • Seal Up

    First step in eliminating any rodent infestation is to seal out the rodents. Every possible entry point is necessary to keep out any future rats or mice from re-entry into the home. Use wildlife foam caulking for all the small entries. Repair and seal any rotting or bad construction areas of the home or structure. Repair any chewing damage. Weep hole covers must be places in the weep holes in any brick work. Seal up around any pipes, vents, and windows. Seal the garage door.

    The reason for hiring a nuisance wildlife removal service is because they have the proper training on sealing up a home or structure. If one entry point is missed you will never solve your rodent issues in the attic..

    Trap up

    Snap traps are best for a quick humane solution to getting rid of the rodents. Using rat and mice traps is best if you do not know which is in the attic.

    Clean Up

    Any cleanup is extensive and must be performed under extreme caution. All feces must be taken out and any urine soaked insulation must be removed and replaced. The affected area must be sanitized with a wildlife approved product for feces and urine.

    Any and all possible food sources must be removed. Do not leave out pet food. Train your pet to eat at the time of placing the food. Leave no left over food out. This is critical in keeping rodent from returning to the property.

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