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Houston Rat Removal

Contact Master Services (713) 723-4854 for help with all of your Houston rat removal needs.

Are you hearing strange noises all throughout the night? Are you losing sleep because of it? Have you gone up to your attic to grab something you’re storing there, only to find a big fat rat running around? If so, call Masters Services to come out and perform a Houston rat removal. We have been in the nuisance wildlife business for over sixteen years and we will be more than happy to help you with all of your Houston rat removal needs.

If you have rats in your home, you’re probably wondering, “why me?” This is completely understandable. There is a common misconception that if someone has rats in their house it’s because they are dirty. This is not necessarily true. Having a rat problem is indicative of your cleanliness or lifestyle. Rats are simply looking for a safe, warm place to live, and often your attic or walls provide just that. There are a couple of things you can do to make sure that rats don’t become particularly attracted to your home. For example, if you have an outdoor pet that you need to feed, always bring the food back inside after you feed him. Otherwise the rats will be drawn to the food and they will be more likely to invade your home.


The most common rats to invade homes are roof rats. If you have rats in your attic or walls, you will usually hear them between the hours of 4 am and midnight. People often report that it sounds like the rats are rolling a marble above the ceiling. You can also hear them scratching and chewing on dry wall. Adults can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter, making it relatively easy for rats to move about your home.

Rats can do a very large amount of damage to your home if they are left to dwell there for any significant period of time, making a Houston rat removal extremely important. Rats also reproduce extremely quickly, so the infestation can grow to be rather large within a very short period of time. Right when you figure out that you have rats anywhere in your home, you need to call Masters Services to schedule a Houston rat removal. The longer you allow rats to dwell in your home, the more damage they are likely to do.

Don’t allow rats to chew a hole right through your pocket book by creating the need for costly repairs! Simply call Masters Services (713) 723-4854 today and schedule a Houston rat removal. We have professional, trained wildlife technicians who will be able to perform a safe, effective Houston rat removal so you can find peace in your home at last.

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