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Rats in Attic Dallas

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Master Services (972) 877-4650 can help you to handle any troubles you are having with rats in attic Dallas.

Ron and Linda were ecstatic about their new home. It’s pretty much their dream home, after all. As they were unpacking boxes one night, Ron and Linda began hearing some strange sounds coming from the attic. Ron needed to store some things up there anyway, so he decided to poke his head up there and have a quick look around. To his dismay, Ron discovered big fat rats in attic Dallas scurrying across the floor when he peaked his head up there.

This is a problem that no one wants to discover. Rats, in the minds of most people, are just plain gross and creepy. Certainly no one wants to share their home with them. If you have had an experience similar to that of Ron and Linda’s, you may feel pretty overwhelmed. This is all in good reason; having a rat infestation is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with right away. Luckily, the professionals at Masters Services are ready to help you with all of your rats in attic Dallas removal needs. When you give Masters Services a call, we will send someone to your home as soon as possible to begin the rats in attic Dallas removal process.

So what’s the rush? Well, rats in attic Dallas will damage your home and put your health and safety in danger. How? Rats love to gnaw on pretty much any material they can sink their teeth into. This includes dry wall, insulation, piping, and electrical wiring, as well as any personal items you may have stored in your attic. As you can imagine, if the rats were to chew on your electrical wiring, this could cause a rather serious fire hazard that should not ignored. An estimated 40,000 fire incidents take place each year due to faulty electrical wiring. Of these 40,000 fires, 40% are caused by rodents gnawing through electrical wiring! This is someone frightening when you think about it, and it is one of the main reasons that you should act quickly if you have rats in attic Dallas.

Rats carry infectious diseases that can in some rare, extreme cases, be fatal to humans. These diseases are most often passed from rats to humans when rats contaminate food or water supplies. If the rats were to make it to your water pipes, they could potentially contaminate your water supply that way. If you have an outdoor pet, make sure to always bring his food inside. If you leave food outside the rats will be attracted to it and they also may contaminate it.

Don’t let rats in attic Dallas put your safety and health at risk! Call Masters Services (972) 877-4650 and schedule a nuisance wildlife removal as soon as you figure out you have rats in attic Dallas.

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