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Dallas Rats in the Attic

Master Services (972) 877-4650 can help you with the removal and cleanup of Dallas rats in the attic.

Have you recently discovered that you have Dallas rats in the attic? If so, you need to take action immediately. Having Dallas rats in the attic for any extended period of time could cause some major issues that you most certainly want to avoid as a homeowner. Luckily, you can call Masters Services and we will promptly send someone out to perform a hassle free wildlife removal. We have been in the nuisance wildlife removal business for over sixteen years and we are fully prepared to help you with all of your Dallas rats in the attic removal needs.

No one wants rats living in their home. They’re fairly creepy critters… many report being kind of “freaked out” by the presence of the rats. This is all in good reason. Dallas rats in the attic can cause many problems. First of all, they can be quite noisy. They will sometimes keep families up all night as they scratch and chew on materials in the attic. They usually make the most noise from midnight to 4 AM, thus causing a major disturbance if they’re being loud. Also, rats can cause a good bit of damage to a home. They will chew through pretty much any material they can sink their teeth into, inclduing piping, dry walls, insulation, and electrical wiring. As you can imagine, if they were to make it to your electrical wiring, they could cause a large fire hazard. This is definitely not a problem that you would want to ignore! Rats also carry many infectious diseases that could potentially be very harmful to humans. They usually spread their diseases by contaminating food and water. If they were to gnaw into your water pipes a serious health hazard could arise. Dallas rats in the attic will also use the bathroom all over the area in which they are dwelling. Urine and feces often stain and contaminate materials such as sheetrock and insulation to the point where these materials must be replaced. This could become very costly!

Avoid all the damage that the Dallas rats in the attic could cause, and keep your family safe from the potential health hazards their presence poses. Simply call Masters Services to schedule a Dallas rats in the attic removal. The longer you allow the Dallas rats in the attic to dwell there, the more damage they will potentially do.

If you have seen that you have Dallas rats in the attic, call Master Services (972) 877-4650 for help with removal and proofing of your home.

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