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Dallas Rats in Attic

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Let’s face it: Dallas rats in attic are gross and creepy. No one wants to live with them. They have caused some of the largest plagues in history (i.e. the Bubonic Plague), and they have a very long history of severely interfering with the lives of humans. They are still doing so today as they creep and crawl around people’s attics, walls, and crawl spaces. Dallas rats in attic are not just creepy. They also cause many other problems if they are left to dwell in your home for any extended period of time. If you have Dallas rats in attic, they need to be removed immediately. This may seem overwhelming, however with the help of Masters Services you can rid your home of the rats in no time!

So what’s the big deal with the Dallas rats in attic? Well, first of all, you should know that if you have Dallas rats in the attic they will not just go away on their own. Rats multiply extremely quickly. They begin reproducing at the age of three months and can produce up to six litters per year, yielding up to twelve babies per litter. This means that the Dallas rats in the attic infestation can get really out of hand in a matter of months. This is one reason that it is so important to take action quickly to remove the Dallas rats in the attic.

Alright so they’re up there in your attic, multiplying rapidly. What else are they up to? Well, rats love to chew on just about anything. They’ll basically gnaw on anything they can sink their chompers into. This includes insulation, piping, electrical wiring, and your personal items! No one wants their Christmas decorations gnawed on by a bunch of nasty rats. Could you imagine digging through a box to try to find some lights or ornaments, and pulling out a big ol’ fat rat? This is not a scenario that should be played out when you’re trying to get into the holiday spirit! Here’s an even more frightening situation that could play out: the rats chew on your electrical wiring and cause a fire hazard. Over 40,000 fires happen each year due to faulty electrical wiring, and of those 40,000, 40% are estimated to be caused by rodents chewing on the wiring. Those are pretty scary figures that do not work in a homeowner’s favor if they have a rat infestation.

Protect the safety of yourself and your family. If you have Dallas rats in the attic, call Masters Services (972) 877-4650 right away so we can come out and get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

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