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Rats in Attic Houston

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If you have found yourself dealing with rats in attic Houston call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for trapping and proofing help.

I think the only rat I’ve ever been fond of is that giant cartoon one on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other than that, I don’t want to have anything to do with them… and I think most people would feel the same way. No one wants to find out that they have rats in attic Houston, however it is a common problem that many homeowners face.

That’s right. If you have just discovered that you have rats in attic Houston, you are definitely not alone. Many people think that rats in attic Houston directly corresponds with poor sanitization or a lack of general cleanliness; however this is simply not the case. Rats are looking for food, water, and shelter. This means they are going to be attracted to pet food, bird feeder spills, and even pet waste. Lush landscaping and heavy foliage provide rats cover and shelter. Once they are attracted to the outside of your home, rats can gain entry to the rest of the house by squeezing into extremely tiny holes. Most people don’t realize how small of a hole a rat can fit through. A hole just the size of a quarter is big enough for a rat to fit through. So if you see a rat lurking around the outside of your house, you shouldn’t be surprised if you turn around only to find rats in attic Houston.

Once they are in your home, rats in attic Houston can cause all kinds of trouble. Rats will chew through anything they can get their teeth on… this includes insulation, wood, and wiring. Rats in attic Houston are actually notorious for chewing through electric wiring and creating a large fire hazard. Rats are extremely dirty creatures. They will leave a trail of urine and feces wherever they go. This is hazardous because rats usually carry all kinds of diseases, and heavily contaminate any area in which they dwell. If you figure out that you have rats in attic Houston, you should call Masters Services immediately to schedule a wildlife removal. Some people think that it’s okay to put off dealing with the rats in attic Houston, however, the longer you put off the problem, the worse and worse it will get. Rats multiply very quickly. A rat may have up to forty babies per year, and those babies will begin reproducing within four months. Just a pair of rats can multiply to a colony of hundreds extremely quickly. Don’t allow rats to take over your home!

Call Masters Services (713) 723-4854 right away to help remove the rats in attic Houston and get your whole home proofed.

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