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Houston Rats in the Attic

Having trouble with rats? Master Services (713) 723-4854 can help you with the removal and eviction of Houston rats in the attic.

No one wants to deal with Houston rats in the attic, but unfortunately, it’s a rather common problem. Don’t worry; if you have Houston rats in the attic, it is usually not because of your lifestyle or cleanliness. Many people have to deal with this issue every day. If you find that you have Houston rats in the attic, do not hesitate to call Masters Services right away to deal with the problem. We have been in business for over sixteen years and would be happy to help you with your wildlife removal needs.

Roof rats are the most common type of rat in the Houston area. You can sometimes tell if you are dealing with rats or not by paying attention to what times you hear the critter making noise. If you always hear sounds at night, mainly between the hours of midnight and 4 am, you could be hearing a rat. Although they are small creatures, rats can make quite a bit of noise. Many people who are dealing with Houston rats in the attic report that they are hearing an animal chew on dry wall. They also report that it sounds like a marble is being rolled on the ceiling. Although these are signs of a rat dwelling in your home, you should not try to investigate the situation! There could be a different kind of animal dwelling in your attic and you do not want to approach him. Simply call Masters Services so that we can send a professional, trained technician to your home that will be able to fully assess your unique situation and get the problem handled in the most safe, effective way possible.

If you suspect that you have Houston rats in the attic, you should call us right away to come out and remove them. Rats will often chew through electric wiring in your attic, which causes a serious fire hazard. They will also urinate and defecate on your property, leaving pheromone trails that other rats will trace and they too will be led to your home. You don’t want a whole other lot of rats coming in after the original group! The urination and feces will also often stain and contaminate materials in your attic such as sheetrock and insulation, often leading to them needing to be replaced. Rats also carry all kinds of diseases, including Hantavirus, which in severe cases can lead to death in humans. Don’t wait for the rats to damage and contaminate your home!

Call Masters Services (713) 723-4854 today to have the Houston rats in the attic removed right away.

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