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Houston Rats in Attic

If you are having trouble with Houston rats in attic, Master Services (713) 723-4854 can help you with rat removal and proofing of your home.

Has your home been invaded by creepy, long-tailed rodents? Is there something on the other side of your walls making noise and keeping your up at night? You may have Houston rats in attic. If so, don’t hesitate to call Masters Services right away to rid you of your rat problem.

Having Houston rats in attic can be a major nuisance. Rats, although small, can make quite a bit of noise in your home. They also may tear through electric wiring in your attic, creating a fire hazard. Besides being dangerous and noisy, let’s face it: rats are just plain creepy and gross. No one wants to live with rats! So what to do if they come around? Well, we wouldn’t recommend taking matters into your own hands. Some people think that simply laying down poison will take care of the issue; however, poison sometimes just leaves you with some dead rats, as it doesn’t always eliminate all of them. Then you’re just stuck with dead Houston rats in attic, which smells horrible. Dead animal removal can sometimes be more invasive and expensive than live animal removal, so it’s usually easier to just go ahead and call on the professionals to handle the situation while the rats are still alive.

Other people who try to remove Houston rats in attic on their own lay down traps. Although this method can be effective, several steps must be taken to ensure that it works thoroughly. This kind of work should really be left up to an expert who has the training, knowledge, and proper tools to get the job done right. People often do not realize just how many Houston rats in attic they are dealing with. Once rats start breeding, they multiply very quickly. Thus if you lay down traps, but maybe you don’t lay down enough, you will only kill some of them. Also, an important factor in Houston rats in attic removal is locating and sealing the entry and exit points the rats have been using to gain access to your home. Rats can fit into spaces no smaller than ¼”, and will enter your home through weep holes, soffits, and other small holes around the house. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot these entry points, which is why you should call Masters Services to do the rat removal. Our professional, trained technicians will know how to deal with your unique situation in the safest, most effective way possible. If you try to do the rat removal on your own, you may end up making a small mistake that will ruin the whole operation, and then you will end up spending more time and money trying to fix the mistake than you would have if you had just called the professionals in the first place.

If you have Houston rats in attic, call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for a full home evaluation and proofing.

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