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Raccoon Removal Company in Houston

Raccoon Removal Company in Houston, TX
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Raccoons are a nuisance to homeowners for a number or reasons. They often tip over trash cans to look for food, they often steal pet food and bird seed, they can be living in a chimney, and even gain entry to an attic. A raccoon removal company in Houston is needed to trap and remove the animal from the dwelling of a customer.

Getting rid of Raccoons

The best way to get rid of raccoons is to trap hire a raccoon removal Houston specialist who uses a trap that is safe and humane. Most raccoon removal companies will use live traps to capture a raccoon. This is a better option than using poison to kill the animal. Most states have laws that prohibit a homeowner from attempting to do this on their own.

Trapping a Nuisance Raccoon

A trap that is used by raccoon removal Houston specialists is a one-way trap. This type of trap is designed to allow an animal inside, but not allow it to leave. They are placed over the entry or exit area that is used by a raccoon. A raccoon that is trapped by a specialist will be taken up to ten miles away to be released back into the wild.

Raccoons in the Attic

One obvious signs that a raccoon is in an attic is movement. The majority of the time a female raccoon has given birth to babies. This means a raccoon removal Houston specialist needs to remove the babies and then the mother from the attic. If the mother is removed first, then any babies that are not found by a specialist may eventually die and create an unpleasant odor.

Proper Raccoon Prevention

A raccoon removal company in Houston like Masters Services has a variety of techniques homeowners can use for preventive measures. The first is to properly secure outside garbage cans. One way to do this may be to build a small enclosure or take them into a garage. Another measure is to put away any pet food left out in the open.

Examine the House

Raccoons often look for places of entry that they can easily tear into. One common area of a home will be where a roof is damaged or has loose shingles. Metal screens may be used to cover any holes until a proper roof repair can be completed. A screen can also be recommend by a raccoon removal Houston specialist to put around a deck.

Raccoon Behavior

Wild animals, such as raccoons, often have similar behaviors. These animals will typically look for any type of food and suitable shelter. They are not picky about the food they eat or where they find areas to use for shelter.

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