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Raccoon in the Attic in Richardson

Raccoon Removal in Richardson

Raccoon Love Attics

Spring brings rain showers, warmer weather and flowers blooming. It also brings new life to the animal world. Warmer days, with nights that are still cool, force animals to find a warm, safe place to live and give birth to their babies.

Your home is the perfect place for raccoon in the attic in Richardson. Insulation in your attic and walls makes a comfortable spot to live and give birth to raccoon babies. There is also protection from predators harming the raccoon kits that they would not have out in the wild. Raccoon moms like to build their den up high and need entry and exit points to enter and leave the attic area. She may chew on siding, pull vent covers, rip up shingles, or move brick out of her way to get in and out of the attic. You may notice the exterior damage on your home as well as hearing the noises in the attic.

Who to Call for a Raccoon in the Attic in Richardson

We receive many calls at Masters Services regarding raccoon in the attic Richardson. The description of hearing raccoon in the attic sounds similar. We hear that it sounds like people walking in the attic, loud thumping or dragging noises and generally just loud sounds. “It sounds like there is animal party going on in my attic!” If they are in an area of the attic over a room that is seldom used, the family dog may bark at the ceiling when hearing noises. This will alert the owner that something is going on in the attic. No matter what you are hearing, you know it is not normal to be hearing these sounds in your attic. Raccoon babies have a unique sound. We often hear the description of chirping sounds, and homeowners may think that they have birds in their attic. Once we hear this description, we know that babies will most likely be found with or without the mama raccoon.

It is not safe to try to handle getting rid of raccoon in the attic in Richardson. This is best left to a professional wildlife company such as Masters Services. Raccoon and their feces can carry and transmit some diseases such as raccoon rabies, distemper and roundworms. As part of our removal services, we can sanitize and deodorize the affected areas.

We hear frustration when homeowners try to get the raccoons to leave the attic area. They may use radios playing loud music, make banging noises, or put moth balls or poison in the attic. Unfortunately, none of these processes are effective and some may do more harm than good. Putting poison in the attic may cause the raccoon to die in the attic or in between the walls of the house.

Remove Mama Raccoon

Humane trapping, removal and relocation with an emphasis on keeping a mama raccoon with her kits is the goal at Masters Services. In areas such as crawl spaces and inaccessible areas of the attic, eviction fluid may be the only effective solution. This is a unique predator smell. It causes the mama raccoon to leave the attic area with her kits, believing that they are in danger. Once raccoon in the attic are safely removed, we will repair the entry points so that new animals do not try to move in. We may use sheet metal, hardware cloth and/or animal proofing foam to repair soffits, eaves, and siding.

Preventing raccoon getting into your attic is the goal. By leaving pet food or trash outside your home, you are leaving an open invitation for food and shelter in your attic. If you already have damage to the exterior of the home from previous animal entry, you are in need of repairs.

You can call Masters Services 972-877-4650 for a free in inspection when you have raccoon in the attic in Richardson.

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