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The Colony plumbing problems can be a waste of money!

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We can help you with any plumbing issue!

If you are looking for a plumber to help with you septic or plumbing troubles, you have stopped at the right place. Masters Services plumbing department can provide service for all kinds of plumbing issues from a simple service like drain clearing to providing a slab leak test to find leaks in the pipes under your home. We provide expert service with a quality guarantee and arrive in our logoed vehicle dressed in uniform with the tools we need to complete the repairs or work you would like to have done.

If you have found that you have a plumbing problem, Masters Services (972) 877-4650, can help you right away!

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Here are some tips for reducing the frequency of a visit from The Colony plumbing to save you some time as well as some money!
Grease and Oil are not for drains. Avoid pouring grease and oil in the drain, as they will cause buildup in the pipes and likely cause a clog or a stoppage. When you need to be rid of oil and grease the best solution is to throw it away. You can do this easily and will minimal mess by using an empty coffee can or container with a lid to store it when it is cool and adding it to the trash bin.

Set up a drain screen of some kind to help to catch food particles and debris like hair to keep clogs and blockages to a minimum. Clean them regularly to help to maintain healthy drainage from your sink, shower or tub.

Take some extra time to make sure that you know where your emergency shut off valves for both the water and gas lines are in case of emergencies. This can save you a lot of hassle, time and money in the unfortunate case of a fire or a burst or cracked pipe.

Make sure that you are only flushing toilet paper and body waste. These are what toilets were designed to carry away. Many flushable products are not necessarily easily broken down and often cause blockages and backups, things like baby wipes and moist towelettes.

An easy and affordable way to test the flapper in your toilet is to place a couple of drops of food coloring into the reservoir. You can easily see if the tank is leaking into the bowl if the water in your bowl changes color before flushing.
Freezing spells, while not all that common in The Colony happen pretty much yearly and can cause damage to outside fixtures leading to replacement costs and time. Make sure that your hoses are drained and that bibs are covered to prevent freezing and cracking.

Don’t be afraid to call for professional help!

Getting The Colony plumbing problems fixed should really be handled by a professional to ensure that you don’t create an even bigger situation for yourself.

Drain access points are there to make it easier to clean and repair your system should anything go wrong, building closets over them or covering them with rugs and carpet can make it harder for a plumber to fix your plumbing.
You can prevent frozen pipes by making sure that your temperature at home doesn’t drop below 50°. Make sure that pipes on outside walls are insulated, and you may want to turn off the water if you are leaving during cold months for an extended period of time.

Chemical solvents and cleaners made for drain clearing should be used sparingly or not at all. Some older pipes that are made of iron can become corroded or etched by these caustic chemicals and can cause a weakening of the pipe wall.

Separate shutoff valves for the water to different parts of your home can come in handy when you need to replace pipes or do repairs to a bathroom without sacrificing water in the kitchen or vice versa if you would still like to shower while you’re installing an appliance.

When you need professional plumbing work done and you would like to set an appointment please give us a call at Masters Services (972) 877-4650 and have our master plumber come and solve any The Colony plumbing dilemma!

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